Temperature in November in Manta?


Country: Ecuador


Dear Friend.
As global warming rises is almost imposible to predict temperatures could be a little rainy part of the day but is a warm rain and warm to hot weather , is good to have thin clothes and a rain poncho just in case.and enjoy your staying in the province of Manabi in Manta's city
In November the temperature is between 70 and 85 degrees Farenheit.
Usual temp is around 27- 31 Celsius. Rainy season is starting, so I recommend to wear a waterproof.
Water temp in ocean is changing to warm, mix of cloudy and sunny during the daylight.
Temperature is around 28 degrees celsius. The rainy season is starting so be prepared to deal with some rain during the day. The weather is pretty confortable even tough..
it is true that is kinda hard to know exactly the weather in that time but in november it's starting to be sunnier, hot and ocasionally rain ... december is rainny!
so if you are coming on november i strongly recommend to bring light clothes and umbrella... hope you enjoy Manta!!!!

The temperature and the climate here in Ecuador is umpredictable, because as we are in thew Middle of the world we have the climate of the both hemisferes plus the Ocean fluents and the Andean Mountainering Range that affects to the climatre of all the country but, from August to December wwe havean average of 25 or 28 Celcius deggres in the coast (that involves Manta too), thyat is 77ºF to 80ºF.
It might be rainy, temperature 25ºC-29ºC, in Farenheit 75ºF- 84ºF. have fun!!!
Manta is a coastal beachtown, big citym usually temperatures here are close to the 90 Fº on a nice sunny day, but it never drops from 75 Fº
Hi, I live in manta and i can say that te temperature in Manta is between 18 and 22 grados centi. at night, because the wind come from te sea and sometime is a little cold . But in the day sometime is sunny in the morning and in the afternoon is cloudy but a little warm but almost never rain in november.
visit weather channel.

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