I will be visiting Singapore on vacation. What's the maximum amount of money can I bring with me?

Will be allowed to bring $8,000.00 (USD) into Singapore? Would it be a good idea if I just bring traveller's cheque instead of cash?


Country: Singapore


Not more than $30,000 (SGD) in cash.
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Its not advisable to carry so much cash with you even though singapore is a very safe place. Traveller's checks would be good. better still bring a mix of cash and travellers checks. Or you could always withdraw cash from the numerous ATMs scattered around the country with your mastercard/visa internations cards.
It is definitely not advisable to bring so much cash with you. It's better not to bring a huge amount of money into Singapore. It might be of suspicion to authorities.

You don't really need that big amount of money unless you're here for a good shopping. Travellers check would be a better idea.

There are many ATM machines where you can withdraw money from. So that's a better idea if you are short of cash. If you have your Master cards or other internationally recognized cards, you can always pay using them, no worries.

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