Widely accepted credit cards in Portugal?

We will be travilling there and I don't want to bring a lot of cash and I plan to use my credit cards. I have a mstercard and a cirrus. Are they accepted in Portugal? In shops, hotels, restaurants?


Country: Portugal


All major credit cards accepted widely here.
Mostly VISA. But AMEX and Diners also. The Portuguese banking system is connected to one of the largest networks of ATM (ATM/ inhabitant) and its quite sophisticated. Hope this helps.

Hi, I would suggest you get yourself a Visa or a mastercard... most restaurantes have them nowadays, but try to have some money on hand aswell! just in case..enjoy!
VISA is nr. 1 the Master Card - Dinners lost
The most popular is Visa and the second is mastercard, the third is Maestro, if you have any of them you can be certain to have no problems at all.
Everyone of your cards should be accepted in the places that you mentioned. Im finding less and less people bringing cash these days. I feel that by using a card you actually get a better rate from your bank by using the card than you would by exchanging for cash before you arrive.
Of course they are. Personally I am not familiarized with Cirrus one but the MasterCard does have an excellent acceptance rate. Never the less if you are interested on visiting some typical and non faced tourism restaurants and stores I recommend for you to bring some Euros; they often have an only cash policy; taxes issues, go figures.
HI! Certainly credits cards are very welcome anywhere BUT of course there is some places that just accept cash. for example the bus in lisbon and mostly those places outside the city. Where are you planning to go? We can offer you a bunch of cool alternatives stuff to do, check out our services, we are portuguesebuddies in localyte
yes no problem but some restaurants (a small number) advertise they do accept cards then when you come to pay they say the machines not working (they like cash). So check before ordering
all the cards are accepted in portugal, but for shopping visa & master card are the best!!
All places with REDUNICRE writen on the door they have to accept VISA, VISA electron, V pay. Also MASTERCARD, MASTERCARD electron and MAESTRO. Under REDUNICRE system still DINERS CLUB INTERNATIONAL and JCB cards.
AMERICAN EXPRESS is just to be found in very busy places or hotels.
Ask always if you can pay with plastic. Sometimes it might be true that the system is down for a while. Is not always a lie to get cash instead. Especially when they use wireless machines.
The Portuguese ATM net is quite sofisticated. Any operation your card allows is possible.

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