Female english language teacher looking to move to Vietnam in October for 7 months. It's my first time to Vietnam:I need a job & house:Help!


Country: Vietnam


where are you going to stay? If in Nha Trang - a beach city of Viet Nam- I willing help you to find out a suitable rent house..:D
Where do you want to stay? I stay in Hanoi - the capital of Vietnam. You can find a lot of jobs in Hanoi. You are an english language teacher so you can find job in the center of english education and training. I can help you to find the house that is stable, safe and not expensive.
You should have started looking earlier, the jobs are here but so are the rip-off artists running a lot of the schools. Knowing 'where' you are looking to settle makes a big difference as well. I have some contacts but can't post that here, you may email me to get that info.
It is also very important to have everything (documentation) in place BEFORE you arrive. Most of your things -- diploma/CV/CBC need translated and copied then notarized for them to mean anything here. Good luck!
Hi, It's to give you any advise but you can check out on the website:

That's the Hanoi comunity of expart who is going to move to or living in Hanoi. You can ask for help there.

If you need any more help, you can feel free to contact me, my email:

Best Regards
There are 3 teachers staying with us, 1 is working in Appolo Center and the two others are teaching in Hanoi Academic. Therefore I think the rental here is suitable for teachers' budget. You may have a look at - serviced studio-apartments that are fully equipped so no need to spend money to buy stuff.
Try RMIT in Saigon for a job, if need house/appartment, contact me by email :
The other answers are quite complete with the exception of the Labor Law. It states that any foreign person working in Vietnam that has resided in Vietnam more than 90 days are subject to fines and explusion. As stated by one of the other commenters that you must have your documentation in hand when you arrive or be prepared to leave and go back to you home country and get it. The last option is pay a service company but either way, you must file for a work permit and have it in hand after 90 days in Vietnam. Keep in mind that a large percentage of workers in VN are trying to get the work permit but have not yet done so. A few have been able to do it. It is not as easy as one would think but it can be done. The degree of difficulty depends on what area you are filing but the proceedure is the same. The best thing to do is contact someone who already have a work permit in your area of destination and make arrangements to meet with them for a short discussion on the ins and outs of the process at that area or location. In the meantime, you can work just about everywhere if you have experience and if not, there are places who will take you for a trail basis to see if you can teach. The salaries will match . Keep in mind, in every country you will meet people who will take advantage of you so make sure you walk softly and slowly in you journey. If you need to know more about the Labor law it is easy, go to google and type in the search engine the word VIETNAM WORK PERMIT and you should get a government site and tap the translate tab to get English version and look for the work permit tab and go there and read to your hearts content. Note: Even though the law is very strict, the penalties are severe, the enforce is not at its peak yet but do not be confused, the law is the law so get the work permit as soon as you can. Also, one permit per address, no exceptions and must be valid dates of use. Sooner or later if you do not have one, you could be fined and expelled depending on your case situation if confronted by the authorities. Remember where you will be working and leave all your previous conceptions at your home country and learn the rules in the new one, and make the changes required. Welcome to Vietnam, it is a great place to live and work. Play by the rules and you will be just fine. Finally, there is a lot of opportunities for foreign workers in the education field. Prepare well and have your documentation in order with your Apostille Seals where needed and all should be ok. You should have no crimminal background as this is one element of the permit process. There is also a health exam as well along with the normal experience documentation such as a BA degree and police check from your home country. Good luck .

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