i want to visit the thailand for my holidays

what i can to see in thailand?and the person are nice with me?i live in italy,for arrive in thailand from rome?and the thai culture and the thay ladies for fun


Country: Thailand


$200-$500 to stay in Thailand is not good enough.
For accommodation,food & to be with Thai culture and specially for Thai ladies for ur fun: all this will cost at least $1000-$1500 for 15 days...
If u r fixed with ur declared budget! u have to be away from Thai ladies!
Sukhumvit & Koh Samui are the place for all ...
Hello Bangkok is hot at the moment but Phuket is the place to visit for a wonderful time of sun, sea and land activities high on your list. We also have many cultures here and you will be welcomed with open arms. Look forward to having you visit us in Phuket.
stay in local guest houses not hotels and eat at local food stalls, then you can save to enjoy the night life.
youll need probably double that money, and you'll still be on a tight budget,Have fun!
Well, you said you have $200-$500??? That's not enough money but maybe for few days here, how long you want to stay with that money?? And where do you want to go with that money?? I can tell, not enough money if you want to travel with that budget.
There are lot of activities in Bangkok to do and see
Few of the suggestion are as follows

Thai cultural Tour
Grand Palace
Siam Niramit show
River Kwai and tiger temple
Floating Market & Rose Garden

Entertainment at:
Nana in Sukhumvit
Patpong in Silom
Walking street in Pattaya.

Plus more depending on your budget and stay
We can book few of the tour packages and hotels for you, please contact us at for further queries
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how long are you planningto stay, with a small budget you need to look for a guest house around 500 bahst you can find cheaper but depending on the location for just a bed and shower. You should not see only Bkk but you need a bigger budget to travel although it's cheap by bus. Alos Thai culture is very rich, see Ayudhaya. For the lady I think you don't need anybody to help if you need only 'for fun' but be aware.
you could check more information for tourist place in thailand at

enjoy your holiday here.
you could check more information for tourist place in thailand at

enjoy your holiday here.
Everything down here in Phuket is calm, sunny and tropical ... what are you waiting for, come enjoy your holiday.
There are many things to see in Thailand.
The people will be nice to you.
You will need more money for a 2 week stay here.

In Bangkok, there are many places to meet Thai ladies 'for fun'- for example, Soi Cowboy, Patpong and Nana Plaza.

But there is so much more than just the ladies. There are mountains near Chiang Mai, beaches and islands in the south of Thailand, and old cities such as Ayutthaya.

Just in Bangkok, there are so many things to see, like the Grand Palace, Vimanmek Mansion, Jim Thompson House, MBK, and things to do, like eating from a street food stall, having a foot massage, and taking a boat trip on the Chao Praya river.
Buon Giorno a Roma

Benvenuti a Thailandia. Do not ask others, what's to see here. Come down, open your eyes and let your italian
CASANOVA out. OK? Enjoy yourself ;-D
A must do is "Colors of Bangkok" have a look at
Enjoy your stay :-)

Let me know if you want a tour of the famous bangkok nightlife

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