where are tourist sites in egypt?


Country: Egypt


There are plenty of sites to visit around Egypt and here are the main ones:

Cairo = the Egyptian museum-the Citadel-Coptic Cairo-The Old Market-Islamic cairo with different mosques.

Giza = The Pyramids and the Sphinx-Saqqara-Memphis-Dahshur

Alexandria = The Catacombs-Pompi Pillar-The Montazah park-the New Alexandria library

luxor = Luxor and Karnak temples-the Colossi of Memnon-the Mortuary temple of Queen Hatshepsut-The Valley of the Kings and the the Valley of the Queens.

Aswan = Nubian Village and temple-the High Dam-the Unfinished obelisk-Philae temple

Abu Simble = the 2 amazing temples of Ramses II
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Hello,i'm very to see question here about the sites in Egypt,we have many sites you can visit it here in Egypt like
Cairo: the coptic cairo,islamic cairo the old mosues,school,the old market and the citadel,the museums like Egyptian museum.
Giza: the great pyrmides and sphinx,memphis.saqqara and dahshur.
Alexandria: the now library in Alexandria,pompi piller,museumes,el montazah park
Luxor: karnak and luxor temples and luxor museum that in east bank and west bank:valley of the kings,valley of the queen,worker valley,hatshpsut temple and habu town
Aswan: philae temple,unfinish obelisk,high dam,Nubian village,nobil tomps and kalbsh templs
Abu simble: the great templs of Ramses II
Sharm el Shekh is the best place to Dive and snorkel
Dahab is very relaxing
Taba the best place in the world to sail
Pyramids, Memphis & Sakkara
Museum & Islamic Cairo
Pyramids of Giza & Sphinx
Horse Ride Trip to pyramids of Egypt
Salah El Din Citadel, Old Cairo & Khan El Khalili
There is many sites more than I can write to you.
if it's your first visit to egypt then the giza pyramids and sphinx are a must see! you shouldn't also miss cairo national museum housing Tut Ankh A MOUN GOLDEN TREASURES, next visit the citadel of salah el din and mohamed ali alabaster mosque,also you could see old cairo moalaka church and khan el khalil bazaars.if you have enough time go to sakara djoser step pyramid,memphis and dahshour bent pyramid and red pyramid.In alexandria ,go to see the citadel,the catacomb,pompey pillar,roman theatre,alexandria library,montaza royale gardens and palaces.if you are interested in beaches,water sports,diving and snorkling you should go to sharm el sheikh,hurgada,dahab,or ras mohamed.
one visit to egypt is not enough to see it all,because you should spend a couple of days in luxor and aswan to see karnak temple and hatshepsut deir el bahari temple and many other monuments.egypt has endless experiences that will never stop to amaze you.
well there is no place in Egypt have no sites
well lets talk about the historical and archeological places to visit
Cairo: the Egyptian museum , the Citadel of Saladin, Old Cairo area with its beautiful churches, the Coptic Museum and the 1st mosque of Amr Ibn el 'As and the Jewish temple of Beni 'Izra , the Azhar and El Hussein area with Khan el Khalili and the street of el Mo'ezz
Giza: the great pyramids and sphinx and the museum of the sun boat , the pyramid of Saqqara , Dahshour and Memphis with the red pyramid and other pyramids
Road between Cairo and Alexandria 100Km and 120 Km : 4 important monasteries
Alexandria : the great library of Alexandria with its archeological museum, the national museum of Alexandria , the catacombs of kom el dekka , Pompi Polar , el Montazah park , kom el sho'afa
Luxor and Aswan : temples of Luxor and Karnak with the sphinx road ,the museum of Luxor, two colossi statues of Memnon , temple of Hateshepsout , valley of kings and queens with its beautiful tombs, the great temple of Ramses II , temple of Phileh , the island of plants , the High Dam, the Nubian village the greatest unfinished obelisk and the beautiful Nile view and in Abu Simbel the two great temple of Ramses the second and his wife and the awesome show of the light and sound in the night
El Minia and El Wadi El Gedid : open musuem of statues , the museum of El Wadi El Gedid temple of Ibis , the tombs in Beni Hasan and El 'Arraba El Madfouna an the tomb of Atoun of Tell Al 'Amarna , and the tombs in Tuneh el Gebel and many churches of different Saints in El Minia
Red Sea: the two famous monasteries of the Saint Antonio and and Saint Pola
the natural places the nature life : Hurghada , Sharm El Sheikh and Dahab you will find there lots of natural places and most beautiful places in the world of snorkeling and diving , sea most of dolphins species in dolphin house area ,climbing mountains having safari trips enjoying the night life in clubs and resting on the great beaches and enjoying the sea by swimming there
that all what i remember right now and the answer of your questions needs books :D
hope that i didn't miss much places
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there are many touristic sites in Egypt
in GIZA>>the pyramids,Sphinx,Saqqara,Memphis
Cairo>>The hanging church,the Mosques of Mohammad Ali,Sultan Hassan,Refaae,Amr Ebn El-Aas and others.The Citadel of Saladin
Alexandria>>The BA,the cata combs,Pompey's Pillar and others
Aswan>>Phiala Temple,the High Dam,the Nubian village,Abo Simbel temple
Luxor>>Karnak Temple,Queen Hatshepsut temple
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