Is there a flight from DR to Haiti and if so what is the approximate cost?

I would like to vacation in Dominican Republic and visit family working in Haiti. How much would it be to fly or take a bus (assuming there is one) between the two countries.


Country: Dominican Republic


Here we have both fly and bus i recommend Caribe tours they have two buses everyday leaving from Santo Domingo at 9:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m.() for flys the thing is a little more complicated but i'm sure we have.
There is a flight to Haiti every day from the local airport of El Higuero. You have to book very early because it gets pretty full. It is more comfortable than taking the bus.
I will also recommend Caribe Tours. You are travelling with comfort buses with Airco and they almost no stop. You will cross the border in Jimenez. But take care there is a cholera epidemie and I will not recommend travelling nowadays. If you will, take care and also look for a visa to permit your travel.

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