Costa Rica, Honduras, Belize. Which is a better tourist destination


Country: Costa Rica


I can say every country has its different tourist attractions are similar peropor some example in Costa Rica our forests are unique in the world the other difference in the climate here is good and you can feel at home all countries are cute but I think of course nobody will talk ah poor country where you live
Costa Rica if you take for example one difference here is that the Ticos are always happy or pure life you find different types of forest which can visit and so we can make different tours like canopy and see our beautiful beaches which you can practice different water activities I personally recommend you visit us and you'll find a unique opportunity
visit us soon to this website
and see the activities that we have for you
Costa Rica! That simple! Pura Vida!
Costa Rica is the best for you, we have a lot to see from vulcanos to beachs, river and seas, hiking to Rafting!

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