Do you have any ideas for an Ecuador vacation?

Do you have any good vacation ideas for me? I will travel all over Ecuador in August.


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Hi Susan! We have great diving in Ecuador's mainland. If you are already a certified diver, you can take a tour with us and if not, we can certify you as a PADI diver.
yep.. ecuadro is a gratee place to have a vacations, but if you looking for something more exiting and fun,, came to BOGOTA COLOMBIA,, the best contrie in all south america
Ecuador has so many options that you can take a one month tour and still miss some beautiful places. A good idea is to start your trip in Quito, maybe go to Otavalo Market, Cotopaxi, Cuenca, The Jungle and Galapagos. If you need more information reply this message.
Ecuador has so many options that you can take a one month tour and still miss some beautiful places. A good idea is to start your trip in Quito, maybe go to Otavalo Market, Cotopaxi, Cuenca, The Jungle and Galapagos. If you need more information reply this message.
Yes, Ecuador has many options for hollidays. From Quito you can go everywhere. If you like extreme sports on the Amazonia, this is the right place. Or if you like the heritage and history you can visit the indigenous comunities on highlands and Amazonia. Also Old Quito city, with churchs and buildings built on 16th century. If you like nature, In Ecuador you can find the 18% of varieties of birds from all over the world. Also butterflies, orchideas, etc... Galapagos Islands a dream. The best thing of all this is you can reach a very different natural region in a very short time.
August... Excelent for whale watching!!!: Humpback whales come to here each year and jump out of the water to splash on theyr backs in order to impres females!!! I tryed but no success untill now!
You can visit this in 1 day from Guayaquil going to Salinas or 2 days from Guayaquil with overnight in Pueto Lopez to visit Isla de la Plata, also called Galapagos for the poor people!. if you are planning to go to Galapagos don´t do isla de la Plata, you will be disapointed.
If you don´t plan to go to Galapagos you can visit first Bird island close to Guayaquil to see the fregat birds and after this drive strait to Puerto Lopez (4 hours) to visit the next day whales and Isla de la Plata.

Let me know if I can help you some more!
Quito, (Otavalo, Cotacachi, Mitad del Mundo, Mindo while in Quito, they are all only 2 hours away) Baños, Montañita on the coast, Cuenca on the Highlands, Cuyabeno on the Amazon Basin and Galapagos if you can afford it. Period!
Ecuador is a small country but its diversity is so amazing, in a few hours you can change weather, people, food etc. If depend of your budget and interests. You can come to the coast with amazing beaches starting from guayaquil, the largest city in ecuador; you can go to the highlands and there you can see the volcanos and the mountains, colonial cities, the forest with its wonderful fauna and flora and Galapagos, an amazing place (expensive, but it worth it)So, you decide.
I welcome you to Ecuador, if you come let me know!
It depends on what you want to see... Ecuador is a small country but it has a lot of different options to offer and everything is quite close... The Capital Quito is the place to start a tour visiting the old colonial part of the City, the cable cars (Teleferiqo) and of course, the Middle of the World, then you can visit Quito's surroundings and Highlands like the San Pablo Lake, Otavalo Indian Market, the town of Cotacachi, Cuicocha Lake, Mindo Cloudforest, Papallacta Hot Springs, Cotopaxi National Park, Quilotoa Crater Lake, Baños, Pailon del Diablo Waterfall, Riobamba, Devil's Nose Train, Ingapirca Ruins and Cuenca.
In the Coast you can visit Guayaquil, the second most important city in Ecuador, and the amazing beaches that you can find nearby or take a tour called the Route of the Sun where you will have the chance to visit the most beautiful beaches of the country (3 provinces. If you are up to a little more of adventure then you should visit the Amazon Rainforest, there are a lot of lodges that offer different programs according to what you are looking for and your budget.
Finally you should visit the Galapagos Islands, the most famous Turistic Attraction of Ecuador.
Hope this information is useful, if you need any help in booking hotels or hiring tours to any of the places I mentioned please contact me, I will be glad to help.
You can visit the new province of Ecuador "Santa Elena" too.
beaches, forest, watersports, a lot of nature.
Hey there, The panamerican highway is the road that crosses Ecuador from North to South through the andes mountains. This road was designed to pass through most cities and small towns located in this area, so pretty much you will be able to visit all of them just by jumping off the bus or car. The highlights are from the North: The border city of Tulcan (only the cemmetery, The city of Ibarra (and nearby indigenous and colorful town of Otavalo, a must see). Then of course the city of Quito (colonial downtown mostly) and continuing south, the beautiful scenery through the cities of Latacunga (the volcanoes) then near the city of Ambato (about an hours drive) is the city of Banos (A MUST SEE) is full of tourists, and has lots of activities such as rock climbing, sightseeing, rafting, and many more. Continuing south and near the small town of Tambo in the Canar province are the biggest pre-colonial ruins in the country (Ingapirca) another must see. Continuing south is my beautiful city of Cuenca (colonial downtown and churches).
About 4 hours south of Cuenca is the city of Loja which is pretty much a border city, it is also lovely and nearby is the valley of Vilcabamba which is famous for the longevity of its inhabitants. Have a safe trip!.
Best city i can take you Quito, Ambato, Cuenta, Cuenca, Guayaquil.

Beaches Canoa, Montañita, Esmeraldas.
August is a great time to come to Ecuador, because its summer. I recommend that your first stop must be in Quito, whwere you can see one of the biggest historical cities in the America which has been declared as the best preserved. Quito is an strategic place, because from Quito, you can go to Mindo, which is a rainforest where ypu can enjoy of birds, and nature. if you prefer,the snow, from Quito you can go to Cotopaxi national Park, and see the the highest active volcano of the world!.
Ecuador also has beautiful beaches, specially the one which are in La Rura del Sol, or you can go to the Amazonia.
please let me know what your hobbies and interests are to give you the best advice for a vacation in Ecuador. Although we have a small country it is amazingly diverse and offers activities and attractions of all kinds.
Personally my top 10, must see destinations in Ecuador would be:
Galapagos Islands (1 week on a small yacht)
Amazon Basin- Sacha Lodge or Napo Wild life center.
Montañita (nightlife, surf & other activities) OR Ayampe Beach (Relaxation, surf & other activities).
Cotopaxi volcano
Baños (our little NZ-Queenstown)
Quilotoa volcano (amazing water filled caldera)
Quito & Guayaquil

I´m sure you will be more than pleased with your Ecuadorian vacation!
Arrive in Quito. City tour in Quito. Next day visit Otavalo.
Back in Quito for the night. Next day go to Baños de Ambato. There are plenty of alternative sports to practice there. There is a nice zoo also. Next day go to Riobamba by car on la Avenida de los Volcanes. Night city tour in Riobamba and sleep in Riobamba. Next day take the train to Nariz del Diablo and Alausí. In Alausí take a bus to Ingapirca. Visit this Inca Vestiges and go to Cuenca. City tour in Cuenca. Next day go to Gualaceo and Chordeleg (gold jewelry sold there) Or go to Girón. Or go to Baños de Cuenca. Or go to Cajas.
Actually Cajas could be done the day after on the way to Guayaquil. City tour in Gye and visit the Parque Histórico. Next day to the beach, which could be Salinas or Playas for example. Then back to Gye to take a plain to the Galapagos Islands.

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