Long since i went to the Maasai Mara. how is the road to Narok? Have the portholees been repaired?


Country: Kenya


the road is still been repaired but its only a small section that's not compete.its better now.
The road is pretty much alright now,.
Hi the road is Passable, but the Mai Mahiu Narok road is under construction between Naivage Enkare junction and Duka Moja (Olasit) trading centre from the past 3months i.e. 24th may 2010, all drivers are advised to drive carefully on the 7km steep descent and the sharp deviations and barriers on the road.
Thanks for your answer. I find it the best because you have given me important details. Kudos!
Hi Lilian

The road is being repaired only in a few places do you have patches of
uneven road surface. It is better than before and wait until its done ...

Have a nice one
the road is so good you can travel few minutes to reach the place just came and experience
Asante sana
Travelling by road to the Maasai Mara has become more comfortable with the repair of the road but there are still big potholes on the way (before Narok) and 35 km of untarred road before the maingate, so you 'll need to plan at least 4 hours drive. From Nairobi, take the Narok road coming down from the escarpment towards Maai Mahiu. At Maai Mahiu, take direction Narok (C12, bording the Mt Longonot). After Narok, continue upto the maingate (Sekenani gate).
Distance Nairobi-Maai Mahiu : 75 km; Maai Mahiu-Narok : 125 km; Narok-Sekenani gate : 67 km

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The Road to Narok
Between Maahi Mahiu and Narok, there is a large expanse and an old road that’s potholed when it’s dry, and puddled when it’s raining. Beside the road, two-tracks and trails make a braided river, flowing with it. It’s mid-November, and the grass is high, dry as a bone and the color of my mother’s brass ring. When Koyati and I were uncircumcised and in standard six, the grass grew above our heads, now we can walk during the dry season and dance our palms on the grasses’ tips.
Yesterday, during our walk home from school, Koyati noticed a group of vultures circling nearby. Nothing unusual, but they were flying low and every so-often one dropped like a pelican into the grass. It was late afternoon, I looked west, and the sun was already between the clouds and purpling hills–I told Koyati we had one hour. He looked briefly in the direction of the vulture funnel then at me–we ran together down a narrow cattle trail, one foot in front of the other.
Between clockwork breaths, Koyati shouts over his shoulder, “Did you see. the way Kaelo. looked at me. after school?”
He was grinning–I yelled, “Shut up. she’d rather die! You can’t. even keep your. mouth shut. during class. you think she’d. like to put up. with your talking. outside of school!?”
“She only. lives a little way. south toward Narok. I’m going to bring. two goats there. anyway”
Still running and sidestepping rocks and shrubs, “You fool! Do you know. what your father. would do to you. if he found out. you saw her. instead of doing your chores?” The funnel of vultures was growing increasingly large.
In an instant we burst into a clearing in the grass and come to an abrupt halt, it is matted down flat. The breeze has grown colder and the sun has fallen onto the hills, it’s red and heavy now. Off to the side of the clearing an impala lay on her side; she’d broken her leg. The birds now circling above us, we approach the impala and slowly stroke her; flank to rump. She’s warm, and her veins are thick under her tight skin; the birds have taken little bites of her, and her left ear is torn at its base. Koyati continues to stroke her and I sit on my haunches picking ticks out of her nape; her eye’s moving around like a leaf in the wind. We had already stayed too long, and I looked at Koyati who was already standing. “We’d better get home.” The sun had set now and we start running south along the road.
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Blog :
As highlighted by everyone else, the road is manageable even with a small private car. Due to the last heavy rains, there is a bumpy stretch just after the Mai-Mahiu turn off towards Narok, the rest of it is otherwise smooth. Be sure to allocate yourself longer travel time between 5 to 6 hrs because of this.
The Road is Three Quarters done its only a small bit remaining next time you visit it will be a pleasant Safari

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