I am planning a trip to Cusco and Machu Picchu for beggining of July of this year. I heard usually everything gets packed and is hard... find decent low priced accomodation, is this right? Also, is it necessary/possible to reserve tickets for entrance to Machu Pichu in advance in order to guarantee the access? Thank you for your help! Pablo


Country: Peru


Hi Pablo. July is the height of the tourist season, so, yes, it pays to reserve in advance. Let me know the kind of accomodations you need, the number of days and the exact dates you want to be in Machu Picchu and we will help you with the booking. Contact . If you are a student, make sure you get an ISIC international student card that will bring down the cost of the visit to MP and other sites. Good luck.
Let me know how much is your budget per night You can find hostals up 8 dolar per night
Hi Pablo, give me ur email and what di u need exactly and i´ll send u some prices with different hotels ok??
we can help you with the accomodation and tour to machupicchu. we also offer extreme tours in motorbikes for yung travelers
Dear Pablo

July is our high season you must reserve everything in advance. We can take care of everything if you want just let us know your budget in order to send you a quotation.

or email us to , check our website for some ideas

best regards,

Jose Antonio
you have to have everything packed for your confort and it´s hard to do it if u are not use to do hikking or u don´t do to much exercise, and of course because of the high or altitude , but a person easily can get use to the altitude in a couple of days.
It´s important to do reservations it´s more easy that way
Hello Pablo
Tell me one thing do you want work with a travel agency or do it by yourself...well i can recommend you a travel agency in Cuzco to buy tickets, trains ans buses for Machu high season I recommend you reserve in advance the trains which are the mos important cuz is the only way to arrive to Aguas Calientes, of course there are alternative ways like do the Inka Trail...let me know what do you want.
HI, july is in the high season and it can be quite difficult. Better book quite in advance, unfortunately Perurail website is often useless and you'd better ask local agencies. I can recommend you PIE-PERU for example or .
No worries about July, just buy on line your train tickets and everything is almost done.
There are many hotels according your budget.
I would like to help you more without commitments, just check this link: then send me an e-mail to:
At your service Mario (oficial tour guide from Cusco)
Hi Pablo
Where are you coming from?
There is enough accomadtion in Cusco to cope with July!
Aguas Calientes is a bit more difficult but most people dont stay overnight they just do Macchu Picchu in one day.
Bus - Train 3 hours to Aguas Calientes.
Then zoom up to Macchu Picchu have a few hours looking round then zoom down and then back to Cusco Train - Bus another 3 hours travelling. Strikes me as a tragic way to see one one the seven modern wonders of the World.
The cost for this is is about 200 dollars but why not take a few days and enjoy the experience for a bit more money.
I recommend the sacred valley (1 day)
Stay overnight in Ollantaytambo.
Train to Aguas Calientes early next day.
Visit Macchu Picchu (4-5 hours) have a good look round, take it all in!
Stay overnight in Aguas Calientes.
Travel back to Cusco the following day
If you are interested we can talk about your itinerary depending on your budget.
By the way I am British, I live in Cusco, and have done Macchu Pichu many times with various groups of friends.
Make it an experience to remember!
July is the high season in Cusco. But booking in advance makes things easy and smooth.
You can book hotels and the Machu Picchu tour with me.


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