I am a female, planning to visit a friend in Bahrain. What are the clothes that I should wear there?


Country: Bahrain


Hi, Remember to be sensitive to local customs.. Bahrain is a very cosmopolitan place ... but Arab and Muslim. hence please dress decently and keep your arms adn legs covered to avoid hurting local sensibilities. Other than that, nothing special is needed. My younger sister was a regular visitor there on business and never faced any problem per se.. Have a nice trip..
Bahrain is a very cosmopolitan place, and dressing in jeans and a t shirt or a dress would be fine. Your arms and legs do not necessarily have to be covered. I've lived here for 21 years and I know and have seen many residents and tourists who dress like they would anywhere else in the world not going over board of course. Enjoy Bahrain im sure you will...
Welcome to Bahrain...
in very short i'll tell you, bring what you want and dress how you want, and you don't need to cover all your self...
iw you want you can write me directly
Hi Girl:) Summer is being enjoyed now in bahrain. I can advise you to wear comfy clothes like shirt & jeans while u & your friend visit the great souq, a traditional arab market offering gold, carpets etc.; museums and the modern shopping malls. Bahrain have a reputation as the most liberal country in the gulf. Bahrainis and expats are socially integretad so it is acceptable that you wear the clothes you prefer as long as it's not too revealing and not too tight that will make you uncomfortable and may not enjoy the beauty of the kingdom.
Any thing not too revealing in public place and for parties anything will do no one bothers here what you wearing and wht you not..bring your best clothes with you

Hi,its has started becoming warm here so bring along your cottons, please take care of local customs, ladies need to be covered and please no nudity. Otherwise Bahrain is quite a cosmopolitan city and people have open minds.
Welcome to most liberal country in GCC. However, it is an Arabic country and when we do visit other countries we do respect and honor their culture and tradition. Although some of my friends commented that whatever you wish you can dress, but I will not agree totally with this specially when you are moving out. However, if your are partying within doors like dicos or hotels you can do as you wish. But while on the street or in malls you need to be graceful so that people around you do respect and adore you as a foreigner. For that, as already advised by others, you need to attire with covered legs up to knees and arms up to elbows and do NOT use too tight dresses to expose your curves excessively. Enjoy your trip, I am sure you will find Kingdom of Bahrain not only friendly but admiring and adoring!!! Bon Voyage!!!
you can wear what you want,not to tide and not to is starting to be somer now,so be sleeveless tops

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