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best beach in trinco area i can recomend nilaweli
Any hotels in the area?
The Best Hotel in Trincomalee is "Hotel Chaaya Blue". It is belongs to John Keells Hotels.
Location, Beach, accommodation, food are the best.

If you want to get the best rate you have come through the travel agents. So, if you need more info please contact Haka Team from Haka Lanaka Tours.
yes the best beach in trinco is hotel chaya blue
i accept nilaveli beach hotel is best hotel there and it is tangerine hotel group.
There are few new ones that has come up and are in the process of living it up to the expectations while few more are on it's way up for the coming season.We should be able to update you with the names and their facilities in the coming months.But for now you can try the Nilaveli Beach Hotel,The Caaya Blue and Pigeon Island Hotel which are up to any international standard.Mind you there is a Air Shuttle Service from Colombo if you want to avoid a long road journey.The road travel gives you the added perks of many other beautiful places on it's way.You might bump into a stay wild elephant en route if you are lucky too!.
Hai Nilaweli Beach Hotel is the Best hatel available in Trinco to enjoy the beach
Hotel in Trincomalee - Chaya Blue .
After 30 years long war period, now every bodycan enjoy freely in the Eastern cosat of Sri Lanka. Nilaweli is one of the best beach of the world. There are many hotels now building soon due to the increasing of tourists.
Nilaweli hotel also best place to stay in Trincomalee.
Palm beach guest house and Club Oceanic also very convenirt places to stay in Trinco area.
Nilawely beach hotel, you can see nice coral reefs, sea lifes there.
As a tour guide i reccon the Chaaya Blu hotel in Trincomalee.Former it was called by Club Oceanic.So if you want to go there that's the superb hotel you can get in there.If you want more details this is the link
Of course Nilaweli Beach Hotel.. book and enjoy the time on one of best beach of the island...
Chaya Blue is one of the best hotels in Trincomalee
Yoy may try to Uppuweli guest house. It has good facilities as wel as tasty foods and lodgin

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