Do you know of a school or a person in Singapore that would teach violin?

How much would I expect to spend?


Country: Singapore


If you are looking for more established schools, there are Yamaha schools, Christofori that teaches violin.
If you are looking for individual or freelance tutors, you can check out websites like or .sg.
It depends on the grade level that you would like to learn and the duration. Generally, it is about $30-$50+ an hour.
Depending on what level you are and how seriously you are pursuing the violin, there are a variety of options.

For commercial schools:
Yamaha -
Cristofori -
Ossia -

All are pretty established with music courses for both adults and children. Yamaha has a pop music school as well.

Private (one-on-one) teachers are aplenty, from music students looking to earn extra cash to professional musicians from the Singapore Symphony Orchestra.

For music students, this is mainly through word of mouth and you might like to ask people you know in Singapore who are learning with private teachers or who have kids under them. Alternatively, look at online classifieds (or even facebook) as Penny has suggested.

If you want a professional performing musician as a private teacher, go to . It is actually a music shop selling stringed instruments and pianos but they are popular with members of the orchestra and might be able to give you advice or even contacts of the musicians.
Yamaha Music School. 451 Clementi Avenue 3 #03-309/311 Singapore 120451. Tel/Hp : 67775919. Fax : 68722374. 256 Bangkit Road #02-73 Singapore 670256
Or Check:
Amount will be depend on lavel
Hi there,
I am not very well verse on the violin and the musical industrial. However, you may want to try Singapore Yamaha School or go to .sg to search for Violin school, and hope that this will help you.
Thank you
Figo Loo

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