Do you know a cheap airline that I can get that travels to Peru?


Country: Peru


it's depends from were your frome.... where your from??
if you fly from USa go to florida and get on Spiritairlines, is very cheap and always have good offers specially if u book in advance. It is always cheaper to fly from florida to lima,, they have some restrictions for luggage weight and u have to pay 15 dollars for the first bag, anyway u can check on , or u can try finding other flights on that compares flights from different websites and airlines!!! ENJOY PERU!!!
You should try LAN PERU and TACA, usually TACA has great deals, but it depends where you are travelling from.
What I know is that LAN and TACA have the best prices.
spirit airlines come from Fort Laudardale FL, from Europe you can get Air Comet from Spain. once you are here travel by bus is really good.
Hi James. There are many questions behind your request. From where are you coming. At what time are you planning to come. How long is going to be your stay?. How many luggage are you carry on. Are you coming along?. With this answers I can help you with some information. Cheers.
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I would have to say Spirit, deffinitly. If you are coming from Europe... there's no cheap ticket to peru i'm afraid
Spirit is one of the cheapest arilines for comming!
It all depends where your coming from and the time of year. Best thing to do is have a look around on the net. As each airline runs sales. I have used American, Delta, Lan, Spirit. All had sales at different times of the year.
The rates vary a lot according the the time of the year, and the time when you do the booking. I believe that LAN and TACA are usually cheaper than AA (from the US), but you will need to shop for bargains. Contact me at if you need to book domestic flights inside Peru Good luck.

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