where to go for 4 days in Austria

would prefer art, music, old-world architecture, natural scenery, pubs in the evening


Country: Austria


Vienna and Baden bei Wien
i think that its best to go to one of the following cities: vienna, linz, salzburg org graz. there you can find everything you asked for.
Well the best cities and regions to visit are: Carinthia because of it´s beautiful landscape (mountains and lakes), Vienna (architecture, music, pubs) as well as Salzburg. Linz is this year European Capital of Culture and there are also a lot of events!
Vienna, Salzburg,....
Alright, Vienna could satisfy your requirements:

art: many museums, e.g. Albertina Museum
old-world architecture: Vienna has it all
natural scenery: if not the parks in Vienna, then outside of Vienna - Schloss Park Laxenburg, Mödling, Baden
pubs: Vienna has it all
yes, vienna, absolutely!
and for the scenery go to kahlenberg!! it's a mountain with many possibilities for hiking through the "wienerwald", mountainous forests. use the subway U4 to heiligenstadt and take the bus 38a up the mountain. and make sure you go to the viewing platform at (station kahlenberg, i think!)

Vienna, Vienna, Vienna! The city fits all your likes. If you get tired of Vienna (I dont think you would) You can take a Tran ride out to Baden. Takes an hour but you have lovely sites on the way.
Art: define "art"? There are museums for every taste and inclination throughout Vienna. View the Hundertwasserhaus for free. Puke at the gross blood splashings of Hermann Nietsch (or whatever that sick name is) in, I think, Mistelbach...
Music: ditto. Some individuals consider "rap" to be music... If it's real music you want, you'll need a lot more than 4 days. Name your poison - opera, concerts, Liederabend, Strauss, Wagner, Janacek, Waldteufel, Chopin, Beethoven, Mendelson, Mozart, Bach, Haendel, Brahms, etc., Vienna has it all, throughout the year.
Architecture: A Fiaker ride along the Ringstrasse, past stately hotels (Imperial, Bristol), the Opera, the magnificent Parliament, Burgtheater, Rathaus, Vienna University, etc., will satisfy that craving (and exhaust the SD-card in your camera...)
Natural scenery: are you kidding? No. Ok, then take a half day trip to Mayerling, in the Vienna Woods. Crown Prince Rudolf snuffed himself and his willing Mary (the true love of his wasn't ready to take THAT plunge...) there. So you get a little history, a lot of kitsch and plenty of natural scenery. Or go to the zoo - Tiergarten Schoenbrunn.
Pubs: Pubs? Go to London. Or try to blend in with the locals in Vienna, by spending an evening doing the "wine, women and song" thing - at a typical HEURIGER/Heurigen wine tavern. The live music will strive to accommodate exotic stuff like "Danny Boy" or even "Nessum Dorma" if necessary, but you'll find "Heut' kumman d'Engerl auf Urlaub nach Wean" absolutely charming after a few Viertls of that deceptively light Heurigen Wein.
(Bring your own woman, just in case...)
In Vienna you'll find everything you like.
Then you could move over to Krems: nice medieval architecture, nice churches, arts-museums, nice pubs and bars for the evening. Follow the Danube up to Melk, passing Spitz and Dürnstein: there you'll find beautiful landscape and even more old-school architecture(e.g. lots of baroque buildings). From Melk up north direction Zwettl there are typically Austrian buildings and landscapes, good food, some castles.
All destinations reachable within 1,5 h from each other.
Spend 2 days in Vienna exploring the historical first district and the Ringstrasse with it's impressive buildings. Visit the Schönbrunn Palace and it's gardens. You can go pub hopping along the first district, specially by the Schwedenplatz area. A cruise along the Danube river through Wachau , Durnstein and Melk promises breathtaking scenery. Please see my profile for a list of itineraries.
Vienna of course!!! there are so many places to visit! You will find there everything!!!

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