waiting for advice)))

hi)) I'm going to spend next summer in us (working in a service sphere) can you advice me some cheap place, where I would earn normally (to live and to have a little profit after the 3-4 month) and wouldnt spend to mutch for living))) the second part is even more importent) where is the cheapest place on the coasts to live in)


Country: United States


What coast are you wanting to live on or near? East or West coast or do you have a specific city and state that you would like to live?
any coast is suitable)) I want to live near the seashore...thats my only wish now)) I was dreamin' about SF but I was told that it's too there are some rather cheap places not so far from SF)) but....SF doesnt matter......coast matters a lot)) want to swim))....So, I'm interested at the coast towns (or cities) which are not too expensive for living in)))
California is attrociously expensive, especially San Francisco. I would look to the cities along the coast of Oregon or Seattle Washington. I don't know much about Florida,
I'm going out on a limb and will say that anyplace on any coast can be atrociously expensive. The key is to choose where you want to be and then find ways to keep your expenses down. In the San Francisco area, it is typical for younger people, students and young working people, to share living quarters. They will have openings in their houses, and interview people who want to come stay with them. Rents are kept low this way for each person. San Francisco especially has some very inexpensive places to eat, little mom and pop ethnic places where people gather and good times are to be had.

The key for you is actually going to be where you find work. Once you have that, the rest will fall into place. To actually save money while you do this may be another story. It is very difficult anywhere I can think of to walk into a brand new living situation, start a brand new job, and have money left over after you've covered your expenses.

Good luck!
ok)) thanks a lot for your full responce)) Maybe I will even arrange all this things with work here in, in may, here, in my country I will already know where I'm supposed to fly))) so)) If I'll decide to do such a thing then I have to choose JOb Offer in the nearest time)))))

so)) In this case)) maybe I'll repeat myself once more ( so I appologise for it)))))

could you advise me some cheap place))))
Maybe it will be more correctly to ask,,,,,*what's the cheapest STATE in USA for such kind of living* near the ocean)) In fact I have almost gave up SF, couse it wont let me to repay my parents money ( couse tha tickets from Russia to USA are rather expencive)))

so...I'm thinking about Carolina (Both) or some other states on the east coast)))
Is carolina a suitable variant))) what do you think)

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