Do you think it is safe to travel to Bulgaria?


Country: Bulgaria


of course, it is... i don't recommend traveling by train, not because it's dangerous, but mostly cuz it's very confusing... overall, Bulgaria is a very safe place though, i am amazed you even ask ...
Yes very muggings and violent crime like in a lot of countries...unless you like to cause trouble lol.

Nice safe and friendly once you get to know the culture. The people seem a little stern and hard at first but they are really very helpful and will go out of their way in giving help and advice to travellers!
It is safe ! Please do not be worry about that. The only places where you could get in trouble are the big town's ghettos where the jipsys live. So just escape these places. My opinion is that you should visit our mountains,the seaside and definitely the old capital Veliko Tarnovo ! But please be nice and don't bring with you companies which will build everywhere in the wonderful nature we have !
Have a nice time !
It is perfectly safe. Of course, there are neighborhoods where you'd better don't go but... they are way out of the tourist paths :-) and if you are not traveling alone - no concerns at all! you should be careful for some things such as "fake" cabs in major cities, or thiefs in crowded places but if you keep your wallet in your inner pocket - everything should be ok.
why do you ask this question? we are no different country as for safety that any other...
Yes it is safe to travel to Bulgaria, The Balkans have been voted by the UN as one of the safest places to stay in Europe. Yes there can be crime in the bigger towns ie Sofia and Varna and occasionly Burgas but these are mostly on a whole petty crimes.
Come out of the big towns into the true rural Bulgaria and you will find some of the most spectacular veiws and secenery you ould ever imagine.
Bulgaria is a very beuatiful country with luch green fields stunning mountain ranges and some of the most kindest people you could ever meet.
Travelling here is easy but can be time consunning at border crossings etc, Easiest way of course would be of course by flying with BG having 2 airports which work all year round ie Sofia and Burgas and Plovdiv being a winter airport and Varna being mostly summer arrrivals.
Absolutely a safe place to travel.....I'm at a loss to wonder why you thought the question necessary? People in Bulgaria are warm friendly and have a very slight possibility of encountering some drunken idiots who want to cause trouble near to the coastal resorts but these will probably be from the UK
Hi, since Bulgaria is a member of the EU for some 6 years, I believe that it is as safe to travel to BG as to England, France....The point is whether it is worth traveling, and my answer is YES! check out for more details about a pleasant stay and interesting to do in BG. Best wishes and trip:))))))))))))))))))
Yes, it is!!!
It is absolutely safe, unless you are seeking for trouble on purpose - being extremely drunk or offending people. The crime in the big cities usually relates to few groupings you shouldn't normally mess with, and not to ordinary people. In Sofia, you may encounter gun inspection when entering some clubs, but this is a practice established years ago, it doesn't mean they shoot there.
If you are looking for help or information, people will be genuinely trying to assist you, especially in the countryside, where the higher language barrier could be part of the fun.
It is as safe as any place across SE Europe. You should of course be alert about the ordinary things a tourist should be alert - taxi drivers, pick-pockets, suspicious characters, some suburb areas that should be avoided.
I don't expect you'll have any problems with your safety. On the contrary, you could only be fascinated by some unspoilt places and people.
Good luck
It is realy save. Don't worry, Bulgarian people are very friendly and welcoming. I'm sure you'll enjoy your Bulgarian trip :-)
Of course, it is absolutely safe. Get example from the bussines travellers - it is very high percentege of bussines trips in Bulgaria, and who will make bussines and will travel so often to none secure place?
It is more then safe and OK to travel to and in bulgaria, as well as for those bussines travelers, as for holiday and leisure. Yes, there are accidents and bad things happend times to times, but not more then in other EU/World countires.
Just choose your way of traveling if you will back packing, if not choose your place and hotel and EnjouY our beautiful Bulgaria:)
Hi Larry, you will definitely need some local cash, so never exchange any in the street. Look for an exchange bureau or a bank - better do this in the big city before you go to a more secluded, rural place. Otherwise, do come to BG - you will love it! Cheers, P
Yes it is safe to travel here in Bulgaria. The trains tend to be very slow and unpredictable, the buses are regular clean and prompt and the roads well lets just say they are roads :)
Petty crime is not too common however the usual rules will apply like keeping you money/mobile phone in a safe place and not too visible.
Happy travelling !!!!
ey don't worry about safety so much.... bulgaria ain't what it used to be, worry more about having enough cash... if you are coming to our country during summer i suggest that you go and visit Stranja!!! it has the most beautiful sights !!!
Yes - Bulgaria is very safe, friendly and welcoming :)
Yes, it is.
Bulgaria is as safe as any place in Europe. But if you will travel with a car you must considered that there isn't a normal road marking and labeling:-)
Good luck
OMG! I can't believe anyone would ask such a question. It's so ridiculous it's not even worth answering it...
Yes, as everyone wrote, it is enough safe in BG. Have a nice time here and if you have any other questions about places to visit or transport, you can ask again.
Your problems will come through misunderstanding. Most everyone does not speak English so remember to bring a guide book. I recommend the English Bulgarian one by Hermes publishers as this will definitely help. Travel by Grup, Biomet & Etap coaches as these will be more comfortable. Car hire is OK too but travel in the day whenever possible as some of the roads have seriously big potholes! Trains are OK but can be ancient and the tracks are not so good. Safe? Yes!!As anywhere else; Just keep money in hard to get at pockets and watch out for pickpockets at tourist spots, bus & train stations.
Hi Larry,
Yes it is safe to travel to Bulgaria. Unfortunately you don't know a lot of about Bulgaria, but believe me here are living normal people like those in your country. Following this you are welcome to Bulgaria.
Hello Larry,

If this would be your first visit to Bulgaria please enjoy your stay! Yes, it is pretty safe during the day, but at night I would recommend not to go around on foot, alone, etc. in Varna. Just use common sense during your travel.
Welcome to Bulgaria!
It is one of the most safe places in the world for tourists I have travalled all over with my familiy and friends and been going here since 2001. Im domiciled in Varna.
It is safe. Needless to go into details.
Yes, in general it is! As safe as home! Welcome home, pal!
hey man don't worry.if you hitch hiking you must know the people that will take you are only people who have been traveling like this before and they are very's better if you're with some friend.but here you'll find many new friends!enjoy your time..!
Yes it is safe place, but anyway look after yourself and be careful with who else you are. Most of Bulgarians are quite helpful, but like everywhere in the word there are some people who can tricky.
Always check time table of buses and trans, the destination and ticket's price!
It is perfectly safe and you dont have to worry.As you know you have to keep on eye your bags, but it is realy safe here.
i went there with my mum 2 years ago,just two girls and we felt so save the whole trip:) it was soo nice there im sure ill go there again some day. but dont eat the chicken we both got salmonella from it.!!
Of course it is safe
Ahahahaha:)))I don't gona answer this question,because the others did,but I am sure,when you visit Bulgaria you don't wona live it:))))Welcome!!!
Travelling in Bulgaria is very safe. All forms of travel, train, bus and even hitch-hiking will not be a problem. The only problem is the road signs, not all of them are in English yet, but this is changing slowly. Get a good map and plan your route. Trains are fine, although do not always rely on timetables and buy your ticket in advance (it's cheaper). Buses are really good and cheap. Ideal for getting from city to city. Clean, fast and comfortable. Hitch-hiking, well everyone does it. I pick up all kinds of people standing by the road side. Neither they or I have had any problems, except language (I'm still learning the language). Cycling, well this is also fine, but we have lots of hills and mountains here. Just be careful of the traffic if using a bike.
As crime and murder go one of the safest countries I have lived in..

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