Is the safe for a women to travel aroundShinijuku alone, and should I bring my pass port with me at all times?


City: Tokyo

Prefecture: Tokyo

Country: Japan


That's okay, so far you know what spot you interested in or going to visit once you got from guide book,make sure before you move on.. when you alone be sure and watch out the dark plc in the night,just avoid dont enter the restrict place you once feel fear at your mind, unless you dont have to worry because there are some Police Stations at every corner who will give you a simple brief even if you lost or ask them then they will give the guidance you need, you have to believe this, even if their English (let's say) so poor but they hardly try to giving their hands to help, so you will be safe until arrived at the spot or back to where you stay, dont go to ask somebody who looks strange, even if they try to be friendly. And to avoid any trouble, you need to copy your passport and keep the Origin Passport at your safe place at Hotel, dont bring it everywhere you go. In case if you will be requested to show your Identity to the officer who has a duty to patrol around, then that will be enough to show your copied Passport. Hope this guidance helpful.
I'd agree with the previous answer.

It is not too dangerous but some skinny guys may come up to you and seem to offer something but kindly decline or just walk away. They are sales people looking to get you in their clubs or to sell some deals or introduce some drinking deal in a bar. Nothing too catastrophic but I am sure your guide book will give you some protocol. Being alone though at times keeps these people away. Just avoid the unique looking dark streets or little parks in the middle of the city with hardly anyone in it. You never know what could happen.

The police and official guides may lack language skill but they are trying. If you think they are angry... they may be... but they are not only angry at you for not being able to speak Japanese, they are angry at themselves too for not learning enough English.

Passport need not to be carried with you at all times. Carry a copy. There will be identitiy checks only in very rare occasions like police checks for crime or some amazing dance clubs. If you have a photo ID like a driver's license with birthdate... that is enough proof for age.

Enjoy your trip!
Japan is a very safe country and even Tokyo, as a big city, is very safe. I, myself, feel I can walk anywhere alone without any worries. That being said, this also depends on you. How confident are you? What I mean is if you lack the confidence, your worry will surely show, so you might attract precisely the type of people your are looking to avoid. So confidence is a must, if you feel ok with a place you see, then it will be ok. If you gut tells you to walk away then do that and find an area where there are lots of people or find a police station to ask for directions and make yourself feel better in the process. In my experience as a newcomer to Japan years ago and even now, policemen are very nice, they are usually wanting to be helpful and most even enjoy helping you out and testing out their English.
In Shinjuku, you might be approached by guys who work in clubs and who are trying to recruit girls, but if you are, just shrug them off and keep walking. If they are insistent, give them a definite look that they are wasting their time with you, but you need not worry, that's as far as it'll go. Again, if you feel the need, crowds and police stations are always a safe haven. There are also convenience stores, which might also offer a feeling of safety.
As for carrying your passport, I would say be on the safe side and carry at the very least a photocopy. Personally, I have yet to be asked any kind of papers from the police (and I have been in Japan for 8 years), but it's never a bad idea to prepared, just in case. Once again, I think it is all in the attitude. If you look suspicious or out of place you will stick up like a sore thumb and attract the attention you are looking to avoid. But whatever happens, stay cool. That's the key!
I absolutely travel around alone! It is quite safe. Also, keep a copy of your passport on you, but not the actual one. Have fun and don't stress about safety. 1-crime doesn't happen too often... not violent crime anyway. You may have a teen trouble maker snatch your wallet on a crowded train....maybe....and 2-There is safety in numbers, and if there is one thing Shinijuku has plenty of, it's people! Happy Travels!
There is nothing to worry about, unless you follow strangers and walk in a dark street alone in the middle of the night, or if you end up in some bar in say, Kabukicho. Japan is by far a very safe country, especially if you look non-Japanese, even the weirdest of people in Japan will steer away from you (not quite a nice thing to be told, but it's the reality). Looking foreign will only get you stares, that's about it. The story may be different if, say, you wander around alone late at night in Roppongi, though.

Passport is not really necessary, but yes, have a copy of it in your bag maybe and keep the passport safe.
Shinjuku is an entertainment quarter with a wide range of venues available from theaters to sex shops and it is always busy. You can always find people wandering around and it is much safer than most big cities anywhere in the world even for women traveling alone if common sense is used. Again it is necessary to be able to provide some identification that is recognized by the authorities and a copy of your photo page, entry stamp, visa (if required) and cover of your passport should be on your person at all times. There are sections of Shinjuku where women would not be found walking alone, I am sure that any experienced traveller would pick up on it immediately. Again USE COMMON SENSE and though in most cities it is against common sense for a woman to walk about alone, Tokyo is an exception just stay in well trafficed and lit areas and you will be alright.
Yes, shinjuku and Tokyo is pretty safe, maybe only if you venture into the red light district you might have people coming up to you to speak or to try to sell you something. no need to bring the passport with you, but maybe a photocopy of your passport is a good idea and it is safe to show. i would be more aware of the trains which can contain dubious characters trying to grope women. have fun
For the most part, you should be fine. The only really seedy area is "Kabuki-cho". Even then, there are many people around and the police are often patrolling.
As everyone else has mentioned, there are a variety of "hustlers" trying to get girls to "join" their company. Usually they work for a bar, nightclub, or more likely, a hostess club. But you can just ignore them and keep on walking.
As for bringing your passport, it is ok but I would recommend just some form of ID to prove who you are and where you are from, like a drivers license.
Yes it is very safe for womens, kids, mans anywhere in Japan walking byself.Your passport is your ID when you are overseas,so dont forget !

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