Is Chithagon has trails for trekking?


Country: Bangladesh


Not exactly chinttagong but Banderban which is in district in Chittagong division has several trails for trekking. Keokradong (2nd highest peak) is the most popular one. Tanjindong (highest peak) is another one. You can always design your own trail n discover Banderban.You should hire a guide (usually a local) or go with someone with previous experience. There are several adventure clubs in Dhaka who can help you with that. In the city you will get accommodation in the form of hotels n rest houses but while trekking up n down you will have to live in villages with the local villagers. The villagers are really friendly n will gladly let you stay with them. In the more visited trails the villages have "guest cottages" for the trekkers. The cottages are usually made of wood and bamboo. You can also live in a tent if you want. Its better to bring your own as hired ones may not always be available.

Hope this will give you a basic idea. Feel free to contact me for more info :)
Thanks Mr. Waseq~!

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