Do you know anything about Bulgarian rural beauty, historical heritage, picturesque folklore...Have you ever thought about visiting us?


Country: Bulgaria


Yes I live in a very beautiful part of rural Bulgaria, yes I have learned a lot about Bulgaria's heritage, what may I ask is 'picturesque folklore'? I think something has been 'lost in translation' there :) How can I think about visiting you when I don't know who or where you are? :-)
thank you for the answer.
By "us" I meant Bulgaria! and in my opinion "picturesque" is just the right objective for the Bulgarian folklore since it is not just colorful, rich, traditional, rural...or whatever single word you may use. It combines the spirit and strong traditions of the Bulgarian people from all different parts of the country.
I don't want to argue on any issue, so if you have any more questions you are welcome to visit my web site ( which is not meant by "us" in the last question)
P.S. If you have more bright suggestions about the web site or if you find more grammar and spelling mistakes, I will be grateful if you tell me so that I can correct!
Best wishes:
Plamen Yordanov
Yes, our area is very beautiful, and there are a lot of historical places here :)
The nature, history and folklore - they are all beautiful and amazing, everybody should experience Bulgaria!
And I am planning to visit your area this weekend - as there will be aviation show near Plovdiv airport on Sunday, 11am. Everybody is invited :)
Yes i am lucky enough to be surrounded by 3 glorious mountain ranges plus with wealth of history behind it. Bulgaria definitely has a diverse culture with so much to offer.
Yes of course, I live here and I'm a part of it:-)
Yes, I know really for lovely country Bulgaria, for I am borne and live in Bulgaria. There are fantastic points for visit with lot of history, and folklore, and the will be able to see this that you search for here =>

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