Do you have any mediterranean country in mind that you would like to visit?


Country: Egypt


yeah i think marsa matrouh
country in arabic is the same as city -- i think she really meant a nation with country instead of city lmao
you should go to marinaaaaaaaaaaa its wonderful
i have been before in italy and it was really nice country .there are greece too .it ll be nice to visit it as well and cyprus
i have been to Italy, Greece, and Spain few times, the one i adore the most is Spain, specially the southern part
I should you go to the alexandria its very fantastic.
i agree alex is the pearl if the medditeranaian

we can give you a tour at only 50usd a day
italy & greece
Dahab ( Red Sea), Egypt
tunisia is good country
Spain definitely
Spain definitely
Alexandria, Marsa Matrooh is the best
Alexandria and Cairo

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