I am going to relocate temporary to South Africa. Can anybody tell me is it easy to find job there (preferably in art, dance)?

Hello.I am going to relocate temporary to South Africa. Can anybody tell me is it more or less easy to find a job there (preferably in art, dance)? Where should I firstly go to look for the job? 2. I can speak only English. Will it be a problem to find a job if I do not speak native language? thank you in advance.


Country: South Africa


hello alisa

I have been in johannesburg for my job during three months, i know a little bit this town .

where do you want to go exactly in south africa?
do you travel alone or have you got friends there, you know that it's not safety town .
Be careful if you are alone but if you speak english fluently, no problems to find a job .

Where do you want to live there , younghostel, rent a flat ? i will ask my friend to have the local website !!

Thank you for the answer. I am going to get married to South African. And was wondering how my life is going to be like when I move. To ask somebody on the side who lives or lived there.
I will live in Jo-burg. My fiance is getting around 28400 rands per month. So I was not sure if it's going to be enough (have no idea) and want to find a job there as soon as possible.
ok i see !! i wish you congratulations !!when do you plan to go there ?
How long do you know each other ?

28400 rands is a good salary , don't worry !!! he will be able to pay everything and help you !!

thank's for the answer again:) I am going there in one month. All the way from Ukraine! It is going to be a big change in my life, my slavik culture. So I am a little bit shaking.
We know each other for about a year. Met on i-net:)) Never thought it can be so romantic. Life can be nicely unexpected sometimes))
Hello alisa

Waouh so nice in fact , very happy for you !!

I am little bit curious but don’t you think that it s not too fast to get married without sharing the life of your boyfriend before? maybe you met each other lots of time before ?

What does that mean slavik culture for you, you think it s so different from European culture ?

If you re going to get married, your family will have to come in Africa too or you will have to get married in Ukraine too ?

I met an Ukrainian girl too 8 months ago , it s a very nice country !!

this is one link :

i will take a look at the link. thank you for helping.
we didn't see each other that much. but we spend sometime together. everyday we talk on skype. now I am going for one month to live with him. but then back to ukraine to finish my studyings.
We plan to get married around May and my family would come to South Africa. I think when you meet the right person you can feel it and it doesnt require lots of time. Whether we would date 5 years or 1 year there is still a point where you should feel if that's the right person for you or not.
As for my culture. Of course there is some differences. Post-Soviet countires were basically closed from the rest of the world and formed they own culture, which still has an influance on young generation like mine. Though it is much closer to the western world then, for example, Japanies culture. In any case I was always open minded person and always thought you can meet the right person in any spot of the world. For the rest small differences there is a thing like compromise and of course love:)
Are you in date with Ukrainian girl? What city is she from?
Hello Alisa ,

I understand that you can be very impatient !! i think all is magic when you find love !!! how old is your fiance? and what is his job in Jo-burg ?

Yes i was in date with an ukrainian girl but now i am not with this girl anymore,

She broke apart with me !! i saw her 2 times in her city and we used to keep in touch every day too !! , there was love between us , and a day we had to see and just before she stopped any communication with me without any reason, she said that she didnt want to see me and talk with me !!and since this time , no news from her, no explications !! it s very bad to play with feelings !!i am sure she hid me things and she didnt want to say it to me !!it s so easy to escape and give up !!it was not honest from her !!Me i was honest and sincere , you don't leave your country to see a girl to play with her !!

i am sure she found someone else but she was not honest to say it to me like an adult and responsible person !!

it s painful when it s about feelings you know anyway i took a big slap in my face and i will have another, !!

And you did you meet lots a person before to find your real love ?


this is a popular site !!

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