what is the best town to visit that is not full of tourist in southern france with a great beach


Country: France


You have to know that in the south, there are always a great deal of turists. But to avoid them, you have to go in little towns, do not go in big cities like Marseille, Montpellier, Cannes ou Nice... I am not from the south so I can't really help you but, try to find little towns...
I live in Biarritz (south west) and it's the croud of tourist in july and august near the sea of course !
it's the same everywhere for these 2 months.
and sometimes in september and october the weather is wonderful but.....the water of the ocean is very cold !
Well, from October to April, everywhere will be fine ... but I guess You want to go in the sunny period of the year. So there will be no such place as a town with a beach with no tourists.
Now some places are less occupied by foreign tourists but mainly by locals. In that case, only the weekends will be very busy. So try working days and you will be happier.

As a general rule, the Altantic coast is less crazy: Arcachon, Soulac, Capbreton are are reasonable-sized towns.

But in July and August, it will be packed everywhere, all the time!

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all of the seaside towns in southern France are lovely and have nice beaches but in the peak season of July and August they will all be packed with tourists. The best time to go would be in May before there are too many visitors packing in and prices will not be so high. You will have the added delight of the beautiful mediteranean wildflowers in full bloom in the countryside. October is good too with the weather still warm
Near Nice, Villefrance-sur-mer is in a spectacular bay and Cap Ferrat a fantastic sea view. Then with a short ride you may go one day to the beautiful Nice (West) and another day to the exciting Montecarlo (East).
In the high season everibody dreams of a great beach not crowded ... why don't you have a look at the beautiful coasts on the islands of Corsica and Sardinia? the sea is cristal-clear and the coasts enchanting!

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