Like to know a reasonable price day tour that captures the real essence of Honolulu and a great luau


City: Honolulu

State: Hawaii

Country: United States


Just got back from Hawaii and Stayed over Waikiki Beach. The best place to go for Luau is to the Polynesian Cultural Center. Its a whole day affair and they have different shows about the 6 polynesian islands. Food ranges from $80-150. It includes the entrance fee to the center and Buffet Dinner Luau. Tickets will also allow you to go back within 3 days if you didn't get to see other shows.
I love the PCC but again, i'd split the 12-5 day shows for one day and go to be early if staying in waikiki and then another day after a long day at Waimea Bay for instance go for the buffet and the night show when my entire day was more relaxed. Anyway that's me.
I agree. Contact the PCC. I think Oahu can be seen by yourself just plan on going to the following beaches, Waimea Bay, no need to go to the falls unless you want to, Hanauma Bay, Waikiki Beach, Laniakea Beach (where you can see turtles basking on the sand), The Polynesian Cultural Center Another day. I would do the 12-5 thing one day and the night show and dinner another day. Its too long for me to stay there from 12-9pm. Then, I'd check out Kailua Beach on the Kaneohe side, I'd check out the Byodo-Inn Temple while there, and then end up in Waimanalo and Waikiki again. Everything else you can leave open to your discretion whether you'd like to spend a day @ pearl harbor checking out war videos and sad hiroshima stories. :-( (don't recommend) lol
When I started to consider this question, it brought up the whole range of things to do on Oahu! If you do not have a car and you want to go on a package tour, the following company has their act together and is reasonably priced.

You certainly can rent a car and do a "Circle" tour yourself; stopping at the beaches mentioned below, snorkelling at Sharks Cove in the summer (waves are too big in the winter). the Kooalau Range has some great activities and is a fun place to stop and get a slightly different flavor of the island, and a stop at Fumi's shrimp truck is a must. (very clean and garlicky). Haleiwa town is a great place for window shopping and picking up souvenirs.

It is difficult to do the day tour and the luau in one day. I love the Polynesian Cultural Center and their evening show is the best on the island (in my humble opinion), however, you cannot get a mai tai there. it is run by the Mormon Church, so no alchohol, but great set up for the different polynesian villages, a fabulous canoe parade, fun kid activities, and a fabulous show.

the other good luau, which also allows you to see a different side of the island is the Paradise Cove luau. It is on the west side of the island, a place that most tourists don't see and it is very popular.

Hope that this helped. Have safe fun!

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