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What are the best places and time to view the turtle nesting in Costa Rica? either the green turtle and/or leather -back turtle, what is the best itenery if we have only 7 days vacation.


Country: Costa Rica


Although the nesting season officially begins the first of October and runs through mid-March, is in the months of December and January which gives the highest observation of turtles. And you can visit two places for this: Sector Junquillal Playa Nosara and the Leatherback Marine Park in Playa Grande in the area of Santa Cruz Matapalo are obviously speaking of Costa Rica. Esper will be very helpful information.

you can get the best information on leather backs from the guys that helped to build the LAS BAULAS Park in guananacste, costa rica.
check it out at
even if you have only some days to visit those guys will give you the best experience in a lifetime.

it is always hard to answer what the best itinerary is, and you have only 7 days.
it depends on your wishes and ideas. costa rica has a lifetime of worthy things to see/do/enjoy.

so share some ideas with me and i promise to get you an exciting and enjoyable trip plan.

Hi, the best location to watch green sea turtle is located in the Caribean Tortuguero. The season starts from June through October, the greater numbers arrived during September. Furthermore, you could see the baby turtles during this month hatchling too. Several companies provided packages to visit this area of the country with prices around $ 250 to 300, according to your budget.
On the other hand, you need to hire a local guide to take you in the turtle watching, add some $25 for the tour to watch them with the help from local guides.
For leatherback, the Pacific area is your by fart your best choice, Playa Grande. The season here is open from October 15 through 15 February. The best way to get to this part of the country is with a rent a car to explore the nearby beaches. If you desire to go to this area, you should consider to visit Ostional Beach to watch Olive Ridley Tuttle, this particular specie comes all year around andIf you are very favoured , you will see a nature miracle when thousands of Tuttle come at once, this is known as arrivals.
Enjoy this wonderful experience that has been happening on earth for the last 200 000 000 years.
Good Luck
hi I from brasilito beach close to tamarindo beach in my opinion the best place to see turtles is in playa grande the leatherback season is open at the end of october and finish in feb
but we have other place close to tamarindo in ostional beach ,in this places you have more opcion to see the olive redley turtle this happen once a month this is a unique experience in life or sometimes in langosta beach you can see but is a lotery if you plans to visit this area do not miss the chance to see this wonderful experience
best regard and good luck
There are many places online to get good info but know Guanacaste during the dry season is generally a great spot to go. Follow the moon! Look online for more detailed info.

Playa Grande has a good amount of viewing potential but the best I'm aware of is Playa Ostional. There are thousands that come on some arribada's.

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when can you see the hatch
september to october is the time to see the nesting and hatch.
hola: one of the place i recommend is Las Baulas National Park(playa grande) seeks to protect one of the world's most important nesting sites of the leatherback sea turtles. Leatherbacks are the world's largest reptile. They can grow to over 2 meters in length (7 feet or more) and weigh up to 600 kilos. (see Sea Turtles in the Wildlife Guide)

Leatherback Sea Turtle on Playa Grande
These gentle giants of the oceans are on the brink of extinction. Egg poaching and encroaching development threaten their nesting spots, but the major culprit for their rapid decline are commercial shrimping vessels and long-line fishing boats in whose nets the turtles drown.

Nesting season for the leatherbacks is from Oct to March. During these months, after 6 pm, visitors are only allowed to the beach with a guide. Turtle tours are offered from Playa Grande and Tamarindo but a turtle sighting isn't guaranteed - in 2009/2010 park officials counted only 52 individuals who came to nest on Playa Grande.

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