City: Tokyo

Prefecture: Tokyo

Country: Japan


This is a very general questions. It depends on what your interest is. Shinjuku, same as other big cities in the world offer a lot of interesting places.
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If you are interested in Historical places , it is convenient to use the "Shinjuku WE bus",
A lot of shops and department store just outside Shinjuku station, you can shops for a sholw day.
For budget tourist, walk to Tokyo Metropolitan Government Buildings, free to go up to the observation deck.
At night, pay a visit to Kabugicho, the night spot of Tokyo.
Shinjuku is famous for its shopping malls. They are practically everywhere. Also, Shinjuku is one of the most foreign-populated city in Tokyo. So if you rae interested in historical part- it s not the best place to go. Shinjuku is very big, and it has restaurant streets and whole business blocks, where kaishain work 24-7. There are galleries and opera, which are not far from the station.
It is nice to be in Kabukicho at night.Even though you are not interesting drinking at a bar,you can experience to feel IT IS TOKYO!Too much of neon board and crowded by drunk businessman and foreigners.It is absolutely central Tokyo.If you miss the last train,you can enjoy to wait for the next morning train while you go a bar or karaoke etc...:)

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