Can I use my converters I got in India

I was india and got converters there, do they have same type in France or different ones?


Country: France



India is on 220-240 volt system, the same as France.. seulement les prises sonts differentes... once you are here, call me and I can gift you the adapters to use while in India.. I have used a lot of Indian equipment while in France without any problem..
Yes you can surely use the same calculator
India has same Voltage system as your Country France has i.e. 220-240 Volts. Some plugs of your appliances might not go in Indian plug-points for which you've to just take an additional plug extension which would serve your purpose & is easily available in any Electrical Appliances shop or else normal plugs would fit-in here in INDIA.
Incidentally, what "converters" are you speaking of? Like I've already informed you and Anurag has said as well, just the plugs (prises) are different, the voltage and amperage in India and France is exactly the same and all my french friends use all their electrical/electronic equipment brought in with them just as I use mine when in France.. So, relax and come over... Welcome to India...
depending what converters you are talking about but if itis electrical adaptors they are readily available here in France with many electrical superstores to help you

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