Hiya, myself and my boyfriend are escaping the wet Irish summer for sunny Lagos, Algarve and I was wondering is there any website that...

...has a list of jobs, any kind of jobs, going in the Lagos? Also is there a similar list for searching for rooms to rent/flats to share?


Country: Portugal


search fro emprego lagos in google and look for anything in english, also look for the anglo portuguese news.

asking around in lagos will probably help,check out the centro de emprego if there is one in lagos (employment office)

another search is looking for recursos humanos portugal
that is human resources.

good luck
Helo you can visit this site

or go to and search : cidade de Lagos
Try this site:
I don't know a lot about the Algarve, but i would start with the Portuguese News, printed in English. It is going to be easier for you to find something once you are there in person...but the others have given you web sites to look into! good luck!
Try this website and take it from there.
Try this link
Good Luck!
All good suggestions you already got. In the Intermarche (supermarket) there is a messageboard, you can put a message there to offer your sevices or you can find a job offered.
Just ask around at the harbour, or in town. The same for finding some place to live.
Try to find out in the cheap resaurants. I know that a lot of foreign job seekers have dinner together.
Yes the Portugese News () are actually looking for tele-sales staff, I contacted them last week, it's commission based only. Also try the Algarve resident, both have jobs advertised on their website,. There'll be bars looking for people as well, keep your eye's open and be preparred to live off savings maybe.

Another place to try is .

maybe lucky. For flats, best thing isto goto an estate agent.
there is a newspaper with a lot of jobs and apartments/rooms to rent. . But is in portuguese language...
my advice is- when you arrive in Lagos search for jobs in pubs, restaurants, markets and supermarkts!!
good luck
regards from portugal**
there is a newspaper with a lot of jobs and apartments/rooms to rent. . But is in portuguese language...
my advice is- when you arrive in Lagos search for jobs in pubs, restaurants, markets and supermarkts!!
good luck
regards from portugal**
Good luck with your job hunting....your best bet is to check out the local English language newspapers such as The Portugal News and The Resident, which have an online presence.
Word of caution however. Finding cheap accommodation in the summer is almost impossible - this is a tourist destination and the only time of year when owners make money - so be prepared to pay a 'holiay' rental rate or accept accommodation that is perhaps not up to the normal holiday letting standard.
Camping might be an option to consider?
You might also want to think about a short break out to the area soon and just knock on bar doors to find work - it will be difficult from a distance as there are lots with the same idea!
For holiday rentals check out
go to the lagos travel site,or the algarve tourist information website that will give you all the information you want regarding jobs,flats etc best of luck bridget.
2 years ago I did exactly the same but i went to Albufeira, i found a job and a flat within 2 weeks, i went in june although i advise to go in May.
Start by checking and searching in this newspaper , it's called Portugal news and it's very used by all the foreign community in the Algarve.
Start making contacts to get something straight away, once you get there(Lagos) you will find pleanty oportunities I'm sure. Good luck!
You will manage to organise both room and job while you are here in Algarve. But you could prepare and get in touch with some people of the English speaking community in Lagos through
try but usually the best is arrive book a couple nights at at a hostel such as and then ask around the bars.. they all need staff early on in the summer you wont earn a fortune but will earn enough to rent somewhere and party
Hy dear user!
i am very pleased to answer to your questions in the way i can.
I live a little bit far from lagos, so about the jobs i'm not sure where you can find any answer, but if you want to check for a place to sleep yuo can visit this web page

just choose country portugal, then city Lagos, and you will have many places to choose.
If you want another options to choose you have the website
and there you have to choose
in "Unidade Hoteleira choose "all", in "Distrito" choose "Faro", and in "Concelho" choose Lagos.
Now, about jobs i think you are coming to Algarve in the best year season, cause the summer is coming and many restaurants offer jobs as "table employees" (in french is garçon)
Well i'm almost at the end of my messagem, and all i can say, is that i hope you have a good trip and you can enjoy your visit to our country.
If i can help anything else i hope you contact me.
All good advice so far but you'll most likely end up putting in some footwork when you get down.. You will find it hard to rent a flat as the time goes on but the work will not be as easy to find until the summer kicks off, end of May.. Good luck..
Hi there,
It's not that easy to find work in Portugal, bit like Ireland at the moment but not half as depressing!!
It is a good idea if you've time to get a TEFL cert. there are quite a few English teaching opportunities, the pay is good and hours flexible. Also if you get work on a summer camp, you'll get to be outside in the lovely sunshine.
You should google Irish Bars in Lagos and send cv's, generally they're pretty helpful to fellow expats. There's a site called Anglo-info.. it's international. But go to it, put Portugal in search and register for anglo-info Algarve, it will send you lots of useful hints and tips about living in Portugal and working here. You'll need to get a NIF number (sort of tax/social security number) and go to the Financas and register for tax. As you'll only be here for the summer, you're unlikely to have to pay tax unless you're earning phenomenal money.. As you don't start paying it until you've earned your first 10 or 12 thousand here, can't remember which.
If you've another european language like French, German or Spanish this may help you get work in the resorts. Send your cvs to all of the big hotel resorts. Also if you've any childcare experience it's worth applying to club med for the kiddies clubs. Or again if either of you have life saving certificates, it's a great summer job, good money, pool or beach all day.
Good luck and have a nice summer :)
just e mail me on and i will do my best to help
Hello! sorry for only replying now but my influence area is the North of Portugal. I would reccomend searching for jobs when you get to your destination , talking to some local shop managers if you are interested in that type of activity. Goodbye and have a nice vacation.
For a general insight about the Algarve visit , accessible travel visit for rentals try
For a general insight about the Algarve visit , accessible travel visit for rentals try

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