Need suggestions for a good resort in Costa Rica.

We prefer a free and easy package where we can arrange the sights and travel on our own. Want a decent resort,not too expensive, should be on the beachfront. Which airline's best and cheapest to fly from Ohio to Costa Rica?


Country: Costa Rica


I am currently working in guanacaste, coco beach.
this is one of the best areas as it is close to all the attractions. look on my website
and you can get an idea of the place.
best airline is
any questions just email me on
I have been here for 20 years, and can help you get the most out of your trip.
Tell me how many in your party, ages, interests and when you woukd be arriving.

Hello Karyl M
Please send me your email address so I can send you some info diretly I am a travel agent in Costa Rica and this is the company I represent www. write me to
Best regards,
Jose Obando
1-877-656-2465 (Toll free from U.S. or Canada)
011-506-2290-0798 (Costa Rica direct)
Florida: 813-649-8628
Texas: 903-258-9713
New York: 646-216-9905
California: 213-291-0537
Chicago: 630-614-4614
A good/cheap place to visit are the cabins in Playa Junquillal in Guanacaste, basic sleeping quarters,beach front, Puntarenas has a Hotel accross from the beach called Tiuna, which is clean.
A nice all inclusive hotel on the beach is Papagallo or Tambor, about $100 a night all included.
The best airline to travel to Costa Rica is Lacsa now part of TACA Airlines.
For a good economic resort in Guanacaste Area try Flamingo Beach Resort. It is all inclusive and has a great beach in front.
Also the Barcelo Langosta or Tamarindo Diria Hotel are nice properties in this area.
For further questions about Guanacaste area email me to:
On the airline Iam not sure but try TACA they usually have good prices, Its easy and cheap to travel in costa rica by bus bbut very uncomftable, I personally dont recomentded. I offer tour all over the country, so if you are landing in San Jose, you can stay two or three nights get to know the capital and do some one days tours, and after go to the central pacific area that is very very nice stay near the ocean and enjoy. if U are intrested, contact me at Ill be glad to help...
Via internet you should find the cheapest flights try cheapoair or right now Jet Blue, has opened up Service to Costa Rica and are offering great rates.Also American if those two fly out of your area.
We have a beach house in Manuel Antonio check it out on my localyte page Click on Slide images.
You can travel in country via our exceptional bus system.
Or rental car all can be set up by you from there via internet.
If you have more questions contact me through my profile page on localyte.
Pura Vida hasta pronto.
Try to get a car with wildrider - they have good rates and good cars and check out the specials in the Flying Crocodile.

about the best rates - they are changing too much in the moment
A good resort is:
For airline information
Hi, I know many places, if you agree give me your email, tell me it aims to spend on the flight and accommodation and send you information
There are many beach resorts I would recommend but I think Tamarindo Diria is one of the best. Your can fly to Liberia in Coninental, Delta or US Air. Now if you are looking for a cheap flight try Spirit.

Marea Brava beach front condos are the best in Hermosa beach Jaco, they are close to all kind of activities in case you are interesting such as canopy, water rafting, surf, ATV, horse tours, jungle tours, and many others...
No idea... That's not my kind of tourist section. Sorry.
Hello, my name is Chelsea. I suggest langosta beach house, you can get a house on the beach with either 2-4 bedrooms. I recommend this because you will be able to explore the surrounding area more freely than if you were in a resort but tell me maybe what your interests are...there are a number of amazing places that I would be happy to help you in getting the most out of your vacation! my email is also either priceline or will show you the best deals. Also you would fly into SJO (San Jose, CR) and then from their fly Sansa airline to your final destination, it may turn out to be a better deal. Hope to hear from you!
Try Playa Preciosa in Puerto Jimenez, Peninsula de Osa. Is not crowded, and cheaper than other areas, it belong to a friend of I, she has a simple but warm lodge in fron of platanares beach, the price is excelente!(around $20 per eprson with breakfast included)
Teh web site is and I would recomend to stay in the "casitas" those are plataform tents in front of the beach (50mts from the beach) the brease, the wild life, sun... is great and you have many tour options, from zipline, kayaking, looking for dolphins, bike, mangroves, hikes, fishing and more, reply if you need more info, I can get you in touch with Playa Preciosa Lodge and other in Puerto Jimenez, you can contact me thrue localyte or my web site
I forgot to mention, I recomend Nature Air, is safer.
We are an authorized saler, plase tell e your destination and I will look for a good rate, or go to theme site
Did you already got your package or you are still looking and need info?
hi I live in brasilito beach near from paradisus playa conchal en guanacaste about 1 hour from liberia airport
here you can see diferent places and prices good places in the beach front and flamingo beach or here in brasilito if you like I can ask about that and we have a tramportation service and tours best regards

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