what is the best place to travel to enjoy especially in this cold month


Country: Kenya


Its a lovely time for extremes. In Kenya either the highlands for mountain climbing and trekking or the very low lands in the Coast where its warm but not steaming hot.
Interested in the coast? Then holla at me...
ok.first what are you interested in doing. in this weather i recommend the following;hiking,gorge trekking ,cycling,rock climbing , bird &game viewing, all this at Hells gate National Park,Game viewing at lake Nakuru National Park.Or visit our coastal town of Mombasa which is relatively warm.

It may be cool in some parts of the country right now, but there are other areas that are absolutely sweltering hot still. The rains and the cold haven't gotten to many parts of the country yet.
If you want heat and a short drive, get yourself down to Olorgasailie Archaeological site down in the Southern Rift valley. Or Get to Hells Gate National Park. There's plenty of wildlife, huge cliffs, hot springs and a deep gorge to hike through.
If you want to go further afield, try Lake Bororia or Baringo. Maybe head up to Maralal or Marsabit, for a real desert experience. You can spend time with the Rendille people, who have maintained their culture and language for thousands of years.
If you want to experience the rain and the cold even more, get yourself to the Aberdares. There's great wildlife, a huge variety of terrain, vegetation and scenic views. Its one of only two places in Kenya to see the elusive Bongo antelope and the Giant forest hog.
Let me know what your specific needs or preferences are, and I can give you a more detailed breakdown of the places worth visiting.
Hope you have a good trip!!
during this cold month you can visit the coastal area which is abit warm or try climbing mt.kenya or visit northern kenya far away from the rains in the kenyan highlands,call on 0728873518 for more info.
It depends on what you want to do. If you want warm weather, then you can try at the coast
Interesting I would suggest Visit to Lake Turkana, Maralal - Samburu Region. Turkana enjoy the local activities while at Maralal Samburu, It is perfect place to have camel ride.
The best place to visit at this time i think is Mombasa.Its good for party heads,just relaxing on the beach,touring around town,lovely dinners by the sea,beach football,volleyball,swimming,sailing,diving,snorkelling and much is my contacts.try me if you wish to try it.
If you want WARMTH: visit the Coast - Mombasa, Lamu, Malindi.
If you want HEAT: visit Northern Kenya - Samburu National Park, Lake Turkana.
If you can manage the COLD: Masai Mara is absolutely worth a visit this time of year. Not overcrowded with tourists, but almost overcrowded with wildlife... The residential wildebeest have given birth, meaning that the cats are all around and quite easily spotted. As for the cold, make sure you pack enough warm clothes for the nights and your early morning game drives. But wear your outfit in layers, as it tends to get quite warm during the day.
Whatever you decide: go and enjoy!
definetly the coast.
visiting cold places is also afun like mt.kenya and have aview of the second highest mt. in africa but laso if you don't like cold weather,then you can try the coastal region,northern kenya like turkana,western kenyan along the lake region.
Coast is the best place I would advice. I also like the warm weather, trust me you'll enjoy it.
Coast is the best place I would advice. I also like the warm weather trust me you'll enjoy it.
The best hide out during the cold season would be the Coast.
I hope you are fine mandera Geoffrey ,I like your question,it is very straight to the point.

To answer you,I would advice you to try Mombasa,Whatever the cold weather we experience here in nairobi and other parts of the country is not like the coastal region.This region is always warm and probably hot throughout the year.

For accomodation and attraction in this region contact me for more details or visit:
Hey there!
The Coast is Kenya's toast!
Besides the obvious pleasures of beach and its long list of water sports and fishing, take a drive up to the cooler Shimba hills, just an hour's drive from town (and beach). Red packed earth and elephant terrain! Further south another 45 minutes drive and you can catch the rare Black and white long haired Colobus Monkeys in Diani. Lots of watering holes in Ukunda and Diani that might tickle your fancy and whet your palette with coastal cusine. Cheap accommodation and night fever en route.
Up north, dotted with old Baobab trees the trip to Watamu, Malindi and especially Lam, is unforgettable.
I would advice you to pay a visit to the highlands.They have plenty to offer.Like in Nyeri you can stay at Green Hills Hotel or Tree tops depending on your budget.There is also the Aberdares if you like to view some wildlife.Then there is also places like Molo which proves to be a nice romantic gate way or Kericho which has a rich scenery of tea plantations and hills.The coast is still a bit warmer than the rest of the country so if you are still up for a bit of sunshine then you can still head down to the coast plus the rates will be cheaper because its the low season
Hey, The coast is still hot and humid right now. Or you want to travel later in the month? Try going to the off the beaten track areas of Kenya for an adventure of a life time. I will recommend Sibiloi NAtional park and The Lake Turkana area at large. You will have conquered Kenya. Not even all the seasoned tour guides have gone there.Very few of them have, and that's why I say you will have conquered Kenya ! Lucas is a safari consultant for Kilele Afrika. . is his email.
Coast is heavenly at this time of the year. since the local rains have delayed. down here its still warm and the beach calm. a little secret-----its cool at night.
You can go to the coast if you want avoid the cold weather or you could climb mount Kenya. its an historic experience too.
Nanyuki and naivasha offers the best places at this time of the year,Mombasa would also be ideal.All the best>cheers
Maybe sporting safari would do.
Olorgasailie Archaeological site down in the Southern Rift valley. Or Get to Hells Gate National Park where you will be able to see some of the big five animals.
Another place is Sibiloi national park in norther kenya where is warmer. you will be able to see lake turkana. and also an archeological site.animals to be found are the dikdik,guenthers dikdik, masai giraffe,ostriches, plenty of marabou stocks, also hyenas

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