I realize this isn't really a question. But just wanted to give everyone a "heads-up" for the Junior World Rugby Trophy, being held... Nairobi on from the 21st of April to the 3rd of May. Come out and support our boys. In other news, Kenya reached the final in a World Sevens series for the first time on Sunday (5th April), having beaten the likes of New Zealand, Argentina and Wales to get there. It was also the first ever All-African final in Rugby, as they played South Africa. Unfortunately, game ended with a score of 27-7 to SA. Still, Kenya's moving up and beating the world's best!!


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Your 'question' is probably going to be removed by the Localyte team for not being appropriate...
Anyway, looks like Kenya is shifting from being totally crazy about football, to being totally crazy about rugby as well. Thanks for sharing, it is a great tip to come and watch (and support the Kenyan junior team), both for local and international tourists! Tip in return for you: why do not you add this information to the Localyte team's request made a couple of weeks ago as to what are real local ways of spending free time in Kenya? Also add the venue there, so it will be easy for everyone to localise this exciting tournament.
This isn't the first "question" to come up that isn't really a question. I've seen plenty of others that are just announcements.
I wish would have a place to announce things like this on the main Kenya page.

Thanks for the tips.
With Kenya's football being mired by too many internal politics, and with Kenya's rugby being so successful, it's not hard to see why there's a shift. The KFF needs to get their act together if they want Kenyan football to be world class like it's rugby.
hongera kenyan rugby team. n i support Zarets idea.
Though Not a questions, I would kindly encourage it because it will promote tourism. We need to request Localyte to link the page to JWRT website. It will promote stop tourism and we can get confirmation of booking. I.e. Hotel booking, Transportation to and from ground and pre and post safari for the participants. Najivunia Kuwa Mkenya.
Transport from Town Hotel to Impala Ground USD 12 Small vehicle and USD for Tour Van. Best accommodation would be Gracia Gardens and Denis Pritt road.

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