I a need place to rent for two weeks in italy

want to rent someplace for 2 weeks while touring in italy.. Any suggestions, who to contact, prices, locations, etc


Country: Italy


Any ideas what region?
For renting a place I find a useful site.
For renting a place I find a useful site.
For renting a place I find a useful site.
If you would like to visit Paestum in the National Park of Cilento have a look on
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I rent holiday appartments in Sicily (Capo d´Orlando) on the north coast half way from Messino to Palermo.
The prices depends on the season.
are you travelling alone or not?
could you give me an idea of the period?
are you travellyng by car, train or plane?
if you are looking for a place only to rent, and then travelling surroundings by car, e-mail me again my be I can be of help (travelling Tuscany and Umbria and Roma) If you are thinking to several 2 days rentals, I use usually
Why don' t you tray to visit the wonderful Salento have a look at my site
It depends on what you want to see. If you're interested in Venice and its surroundings I'll be very glad to help you.

Have a nie day!
I would probably recommend to stay in Tuscany and spend few days in Rome. Check for for rome stay and for Tuscany.
Enjoy your trip
Have a look at

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