I'm looking to rent a small house/appartment for 2 weeks in an unspoilt (by tourism) seaside town. I have heard Rio San Juan on the...

...north coast is good


Country: Dominican Republic


Is a really nice and quite place to spent your time, the north coast is beautiful and cheap for rent apartmen to vacation. If you need some help with the rent, please contact me.
Hello, Rio San Juan could be a Great option. Is Quiet, less tourism than the other north coast cities, and even you can reach more popular places around... you will have Beatiful beach and nature down there. This could be Good for you... any question or help just ask..
it is a great place if you are looking for something really quiet. The beach is beatuful. There is beatiful hotel on the beach, Bahia Blanca, awesome view on the ocean and Laguna Gri Gri. let me know if you need help.
Mr Les Charpe, how are you sir. You got a great choice there, Rio San Juan is a very unique place, fill with lots of great area to visit, and very close to ather atractions, try to stay in small resort, there is quite a few of them in the area, if you need more help let me know I can help you find a safe, clean, and good place in Rio San Juan.
The North Coast of Dominican Republic is a real paradise.
Our residential "Bahia de los Dioses", surrounded by palm tree, crossed by a river joining the sea, is located at Samana Bay and has a private beach, small commercial center, restaurant, etc.
hi there les sharpe again! i think you should try cabrera, this is an owesome town!!! think about it, it will be worthy every penny you expent... cabrera its rignt on the ocean so it offer lots of ocean views from many different places..... just let me know if you are interested... hope to hear from you soon! bye bye 4 now.
Cabrera is a beautiful city near a great beach called "Playa Grande". They have private villas for you to rent there and have amazing food and the hospitality of the locals as well. You also have the proximity of other towns duch as Rio San Juan and a little bit far off Cabarete and Sosua. It's a delightful place.
Rio San Juan is definetly a nice place, with Laguna Gri Gri and the Playa Grande ( both main turist atractions) .
But still: Within the center of Rio San Juan you still can get a quiet apartment in a common dominican place.
The prices varie and it's good to bargain a little special because "turist prices" are quite common.
yeah rio san juan is good but if you want to make it cheap you will have to stay in the town otherwise you will have to stay in a hotel and is way more expensive... theres other places too but it depends of what you want to do

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