I want to go to Koh samui from Bangladesh. Advice me for 3 nights and 2 days.


Country: Bangladesh


Great! u wanna go to Samui for 3 nights.
Do u want our service from Dhaka or BKK?
If u want it from Dhaka; no problem. we will ensure ur trip to samui.
The best option for this short trip is to fly to Bangkok and from there take air asia to Ko Samui.
Or fly to kuala lumpur and from there to Koh Samui this you can do complete with air asia. their office is on the Gulshan avenue. It is possible to travel by bus and boot to Ko Samui but in this case you are losing one whole day because de bus is leaving Bangkok on 6 am and reaching Ko Samui in the evening time. There are plenty of hotels on Ko samui the best are at east side of the island. you can look on .
Best option for the journey from BKK TO SAMUI TO BKK.
Dhaka to Bangkok by air and from Bangkok to surat thani by train.from surat thani to koh samui by ferry.if u need more information,u can write me here.good luck.
There are lot of option to fly BKK.From suvarnabhumi airport you can fly Koh samui by Bangkok airways. They have flight from morning to evening in every hour.Also they have their own air port in koh samui.Last month i got return ticket @5500 bath.,
where U want to stay in this 3night and 2 days....!!!
Go to Bangkok and look for Majestic travels, they are the trusted,best and cheapest traveling agent in Bangkok. Or call them in Dhaka at 01715224001 or 01714166665
Going here from Bangkok

There are a couple of good options to choose from:

There are many daily flights from the International and domestic Airport in Bangkok; Suvarnabhumi Airport (opened in September 2006). Bangkok Air flies direct to Samui Airport. A flight schedule with Bangkok Airways is found here. Thai Airways and Air Asia flies to Suratthani. From there, just catch the bus or taxi to the ferry in Donsak.

If you want a more economical way to travel, take the VIP bus from the well-known Khao San Road or from the Southern bus terminal at Boromrat Chonnani Road. The VIP buses are more comfortable than the so called A/C bus. You can buy a ticket in almost every travel agency in Bangkok. Ferry is often included in the price.

Another great way to travel is the night train from Hualamphong, the Bangkok railway station, to Suratthani. The sleeping cars are comfortable. It is a little more expensive than the bus, but you will get a good sleep. Upper beds are less expensive than the lower ones. A private "first class" cabin for two persons, is also available.

The fastest ferry leaves from the two main piers in Donsak on the main land with operators like Seatran, and Raja Ferry. The price is about 110 baht. You will see many of the small surrounding islands if you don't fall asleep. You might also take the Lomprayah ferry from Chumphon. On smaller ferries (like the Songserm ones) from other piers, you might be contacted by Thai-guys to convince you that "their" resort on Samui is great. It can be a blank or a prize in that "lottery". You can easily book a room or bungalow here 24 hours a day and all year round.

Where to stay?

There are many hundreds of different accommodations alternatives available on the Samui island. Hotels, resorts, apartments and villas. Prices starts from a few hundred baht and up. Koh Samui today, has many resorts with international high class standards. Many of those "boutique resorts" has facilities as restaurants, spas, fitness rooms, jacuzzis and pools. You will find a lot of accommodation options with a wide price range in our Hotel section

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