and whats the cheepest state to live...I've heard that caliornia is veru expencive, is it true?)


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Yes it is very expensive. I think alot of folks are considering leaving and a lot have already. This state is very restrictive on gun rules, owning cars and what they pollute, and the hioghest price for gasoline in the country. The economy here is hard and government is in the red by about 17 billion dollars causing heavy layoffs with far reaching effects and very little infrastructure spending and grants.
so) thank you a lot)) I simply was dreaming of San Francisco for all my life (since school I think) and next summer I maybe will get the opportunity to live and work in the US now I'm thinking where to go? to what earn as much as possible (for a foreign student in the servise sphere) to recoup my tickets and travelling program...

in fact gas prices and gun prohibitiond doesnt matter for me...the only things that can touch me (and would of course) are room renting prices, food, drink;) and transportation))) maybe you could advice me some state) on the seacost....or somewhere in the beautiful place)))
Although California is expensive, even in a city like San Francisco, there are bargains to be had. In the Bay Area, it is common for students to share houses. I see earlier Tyler showed you craigslist for finding a place to live - look at shares. It can be friendlier and far less expensive than living on your own. It is less expensive to live across the bay in Oakland, but if San Francisco is your dream, go for it!
I was writing a long message)) but everything failed and vanished)) so)
I really appreciate your advices....thanks you a lot))

Maybe you could aswer on my another question))))) whats with the state taxes in California....are they are higher then in other states?

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