Flying to LA for the weekend. Want to do a tour of the city. Recommend staying near the beaches or downtown


City: Los Angeles

State: California

Country: United States


That somewhat depends on your interests, but I'd probably recommend being closer to the beaches, meaning Santa Monica or somewhere around Beverly Hills. The only real attractions of interest downtown are Disney Hall, for concerts, the theater center, Nokia for pop concerts and,possibly the Modern Art Museum. But otherwise, though downtown residents are increasing, downtown is pretty dead, especially on weekends.
I would have to agree as far as staying in Santa Monica area. However I would have to disagree, There are many many places all over downtown as far as bars go. He forgot to mention The Edison Bar () there is The Standard and many more. Hollywood is in the middle. Downtown, I would say is home to many more movies and commercials as well. Downtown is nearly not as clean as the the West side.
You will be able to see both areas as they are only about 20 mins. apat and for somebody's FIRST time, taking the 10 between the two areas offers a great view of the L.A. Skyline, as well as the Observatory and Hollywood sign. While taking Sunset Blvd. between the two offers a stimulating eyeful of what Hollywood has to offer.
beaches are great, if you want the water, BUT they're not conveninent at all to get places...

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