Recommended sight seeing itineries for 3 students with a month in Thailand in July on a budget?


Country: Thailand


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Hi. I would suggest going to Khao San Road once you are in Bangkok. This location is extremely popular with students and backpackers and you will find many different nationals there. Once there you can get advise and tips from the students and backpackers. Try this site for more on line info..
Enjoy and have fun!
i would highly recommend the
i would highly recommend Phitsanulok and Sukhothai the Place to Visit maybe just 2-3 would be great (google Sukothai) , by going there you will be learning abt culture and histories of Thailand, which is the thing most of people who come to Thailand never done it. the budget to go there is extremly cheap, far cheap then goin to Changmai or Phuket, the hotel is abt 30-40 buck here the hotel i would recommend send me a mss if you are interested, i please to provide the information you may need for.
If you are heading to the beach, try Koh Tao, simply great beaches and if you want some adventure, you can learn to scuba dive, best dive shop, Scuba junction, sairee beach, koh tao.
Small groupes, excellent iquipment, great instructors.
I would recommend going to see Koh Phi Phi. It is fantastic for snorkelling, but it can get crowded with visitors.
Ayutthaya is good if you like old temples.
The areas around Chiang Mai are excellent for trekking, wildlife spotting or breathtaking landscapes.
Koh Tao is good for diving.
It really depends on what you like doing? If you just want to hang and drink beer, you can easily spend the whole month in Bangkok.
Ba ngkok, chiang mai, ayuthaya, puket, koh phi phi,krabi, koh samui, koh phan gan, koh tao, Bangkok; 3 days per place expt ayuthaya, have nice trip
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From the airport to our place only 10 days as below agenda:

• Thai original silk market ( PakthongChai)
• Khaoyai nation park
• Dan Kwaian Earthenware Village
• Phimai nation museum
• Taosuranaree memorial
• Khao Phaeng Ma Reforestation project to honor majesty the king ( Sightseeing)
• Northeastern museum of Petrified Wood and mineral resources

The rest of 20days after our place we are recommended Chaingmai and Hua-Hin which of comfortable for beach site on the way back to the airport.

For further information will upon your request and interesting.

If u want to see and travel on the mountains in the north part of the country pls look on my website .
discover real Thailand.
It s depend on what kind of place do u prefer. if city tour and entertainment --> Bangkok and Pattaya, beautiful nature and culture --> Chiang mai and the north!, beach and sea activities--> Phuket, Koh Samui and the south!
Probably, u can spend 10 days in BKK, 10 in the north and 10 in the south, If u prefer beach you should stay 2 weeks in the south!
You can ask me any information in Phuket an Andaman sea islands, plz don t be hesitate^^
A few days in BKK (Khao San Rd) to start. Take the riverboats around for 17B per journey rather than tuk-tuks.

Then a train to Ayutthaya (1 hour) for 2-3 days of fabulous ancient temples.

Another train journey (1 hour) takes you to Lopburi for the crazy monkey temple and some other cool temples. 1 day/night is sufficient.

Then overnight train to Chiang Mai. I would suggest at least a week in Chiang Mai. Doi Sutthep, Mae Sa Elephant Camp, Sankhampaeng Hot Springs, day trip to the Golden Triangle, 3 days Hilltribe trek, 1-day cooking course, day trip to Doi Inthanon NP. Too many things to mention...

If you haven't had eough of temples you could catch a bus to Sukhothai for more ancient temples!

If not, overnight train back down to BKK and pick any number of tourist buses taking you to the beaches. Koh Samet & Koh Chang are very accessible. Alternatively take the train to Surat Thani and then a bus/ferry to Koh Samui, Koh Tao etc.

Cheap airfares can be found on too.

Have a fantastic trip!

a month is enough time to go around thailand. start with bangkok and experience its busy-ness by staying at khao san. Roam around the city and visit temples and do a quick river trip. After that, you could head to the north by train (if you're really on a tight budget) and visit chiangmai and pai coz these 2 places are becoming more and more popular to tourists. Or you could also go to the south and visit the different beaches or experience one of the full moon parties they have here.
Hope this helps. :)
Start in Bangkok, stay at Khao San Road. Cheap, but a great place to go out and get started. Bangkok is big enough to spend about a week at, still without thinking you have seen everything.

Make sure you see the north and the south, and make sure you don't miss the full moon party at Ko Phangan!

Ayuttaya is good for about a day, lot's of culture.

South: Go to Phucket and Ko Phi Phi.
North: See Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai.

Before you take the bus somewhere, check the flight prices. Sometimes the tickets are so cheap that it's better to take the plane!
Don't skip the Colors of Bangkok excursion. This will add a lot of value to your stay in Thailand and is fun to do. have a look at .


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