is bangkok fine in september?? weather and party wise?


Country: Thailand


It's still rainny season but it's ok to come here because there're a lot of party all the year anyway
depending with your point. rainy seasons, Some days no sun and some days rain. its good for have a relax dining between the drizzle closed. just not lazy to carry umbrellas with. I like this seasons more green.
Though it's a rainny season, the weather is pretty cool and trees are beautiful green. No rain all day or every day. There are so many places / hotels / restaurants that definitely fit to your needs. Welcome to Thailand and have a good time here.
Check out the Thai met site at and look up Bangkok.
Happy holidays to you.
Dear Inferno
Thailand is a nice place ,when you come to Thailand in September is fine ,i assure becasue i m a thai people ,i know all of thailand more than foreigner who live in Thailand ,believe me .
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This is the most awesome time of year for weather, with cool temperatures and moderately nice rain. Sometimes it can rain to much, but I find this time of year the most comfortable personally, or one of the most comfortable. The party life is always going (even on dry nights like last night). It just depends on what kind of scene you want, if you are here for ladies you have several choices, the best of which is cowboy in my opinion. If you want partying you might want to check out RCA or Khao Sarn (I try to stay away from the latter because its touristy and there are better places to go). If you need any information or want to know about cool shit in bkk, or how to aquire certain hard to aquire things pop me a message I might be able to help you out.

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