Hi Localytes what sort of adventure activities are there for a group of tourists who would be visiting Embu? Thank you in advance :-)


Province: Eastern

Country: Kenya


Hi, Climbing Mt. Kenya and Came Rides are the adventure activities that you can offer the Group.
There is a lot of cultural activities around Embu. The traditional dances, climb Mt. Kenya from Embu side and also visit the Masinga dam for water sports. Makau
Embu region has a lot to offer, landscape is great, excursion to Masinga dam, Hik Mt Kenya and if interested in geology you can visit the gemstone mines.
How about White Water Rafting, Climbing Mount Kenya, Visiting rice paddy fields in Mwea, Cultural Tours in Kikuyu Villages.
Embu is the latest place where tourism is becoming a hit. Water rafting on rapid rivers in Embu is increasingly becoming popular. Embu also has the newest mountain climbing route apart from the old ones in Naromoru and Nanyuki. From Embu you can also travel to Meru where you will find the most scenic part of Mt Kenya.
There is a good lodge up chogoria route of mount Kenya and they can climp the Mt. or do some fishing at the rivers flowing down mount Kenya.You can mail at for more info.
Hi please kindly welcome to mt Kenya because this is the largest mountain in Kenya. here there are trekking and climbing.
Embu is nice location on climbing Mt Kenya so you can use that gate which is in Embu if not climbing the Mt Kenya then you go see Framing Around there if possible i take you there ........... Enjoy and Stay Bless...........
The district plays host to the renowned Mt. Kenya to the north. This remains an everlasting tourism attraction with hordes of foreigners and local people flocking to its slopes to savor the allure of its beauty and majesty. Numerous expeditions set out each year to scale the slopes to the mountain top. It is an enthralling experience, especially watching the sun rise in the horizons in the early morning from the highest Batian mountain peak. However, this climb is no mean achievement, and it calls for great stamina and resilience. Legend has it that one man Munyao did scale the mountain to the peak and hoisted the national flag during the independence day on 12thDecember 1963.

Other attractions in the region are the huge Karue hill towering high along the Embu-Meru highway. It's a magnificent view, made of a huge crested rock, at the top of which has grown two unique eucalyptus trees. Lovers are known to savor the early intimacies of their love by basking in the twilight light of the evening at the hilltop. From such a bird's eye view, one has a widespread view of far reaches of the entire of Embu. Nearby to this hill are two magnificent waterfalls close together which color the sky white as their waters fall down, then marry to form one big Ena river that then meanders downstream to encircle the Karue hill. To climax the scenery is the renowned Kirimiri hill nearby. Though not open for tourism, it is home to a diverse array of wildlife.

Much more abounds to keep the most eager tourist and visitor enthralled, not least the Embu people themselves who carry about their daily life with a deep sense of filial attachment to each other. They are a hospitable people, always welcoming to visitors and eager to help. This has endeared them to their neighbors and to strangers from far. Embu girls are known to make remarkable wives and mothers, while the men treat their wives with such respect and never ending love that hardly ever is family breakdown a subject of deliberation. For long, Kikuyu, Meru and Kamba men have come to get brides from Embu, while the Embu men enjoy high regard from marriageable girls in the same tribes. With the advent of Kenya nationalism, this high regard has permeated to the entire nation, and now the Embu form one respected unit of the Kenyan social fabric.
There is alot of activities that can be done in Embu like: Mountain hiking, and climbing, birdwatching and ecological studies, Visit cultural villages and sacred sites, trout fishing and team building activities, game tracking for those who want to do it.
There are several places you can visit while in embu,depending on the interest of the visitors.Hiking mt.kenya is one option or just seeing it on a cloudless day,or can visit the mwea national reserve to the south, only 45 minutes drive including the adjacent masinga dam.While there can also have boat ride in mazinga dam see the hippos, crocodiles etc.If you have more time , can drive to the complete wilderness that is meru national park which is only two and half hours drive, the kenya"s big five-elephants,buffalos,lions,rhinos will be waiting for you and the road is tarmacked all the way to murera gate.There is plenty pick your choice.
Embu is one of the most-visited tourist destinations in Kenya. Get to k now more about Embu through Embu travel guide.

Embu Info

Embu is Kenya's largest town. It is located 120 kilometers away from Nairobi, towards the northeast at a height of 1, 350 meters above sea-level. The town is tucked on the southeastern slopes of the majestic Mount Kenya. Embu houses the headquarters of Eastern Province of the country. Embu is a picturesque town dotted with jacaranda trees. The town extends from the Ruvingaci river to Kangaru school. It also stretches from Njukiri forest situated in the west to Muthatari in the east. It houses an estate called Dallas. Embu has an air strip.

Tourist Attractions in Embu

There are great many tourist attractions in Embu which offer delightful sightseeing in Embu. Some of the must-visit tourist attractions in Embu are:

* Anglican Church of Kenya
* Catholic Diocese of Mount Kenya East
* St. Paul's Cathedral
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green environment,rain forest, and tea farms.
Several activities are available in & around Embu for your consideration:
a) Mt. Kenya Climbing (4, 5 & 6 days options available based on your clients' stamina & experience)
b) Mau caves visits
c) Mwea wheat farm visits
d) Trout Fishing
e) White water rafting along the Sagana(Tana) river
f) Cultural activities (Kikuyu & Embu communities)
Some of the best activities that you can undertake in Embu Area are:
- Rice paddy visits
- White water Rafting along River Sagana
- Cultural activities
Hi would suggest a Climb at Mount Kenya or a visit to neraby National parks/reserves or trout fishing at naro moru or white water rafting at sagana

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