We are 3 undergraduates travelling to Thailand for 1 month in July this year. We arrive in Bangkok and want a mixture of travel up...

...North and relaxation on beaches at end. Suggested itinerary and route please? We are all students and want cheap, but clean and safe places to stay. Thanks


Country: Thailand


Hello try the site, they are quite good then you can find a wide variety of accomodation. Happy holidays.
In Chiang Mai I can recomend the Charcoa Guest house. It is clean and friendly.
Hi. I would suggest going to Khao San Road once you are in Bangkok. This location is extremely popular with students and backpackers and you will find many different nationals there. Once there you can get advise and tips from the students and backpackers. Try this site for more on line info..
Enjoy and have fun!
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Hi, I think you should stay on Khaosarnroad first coz there are so many guesthouses for you to choose and by the time you come it is rainy season in thailand so you should stay in BKK then you can make other trip later. and if you need some help feel free to mail me.
In the rainy season, the borders or mountains might not be a lot of fun. However, there is decent train and overnight bus service to tour centers (I recommend Nakhon Chai Air). e.g. You probably want to go to Chiang Mai - see the university, zoo, etc and take day trips from there in a songtao (pickup truck/bus). Same for the south. Hat Yai and Hua Hin are good places for English speakers to find lodging and make day trips.
I can recommend staying in our area for a beach section of your holiday. Our guesthouse is in Jomtien which is a quiet area very near Pattaya.
Many people go to Kow Chang, an island four hours drive south but fail to see the country and coast between where everything is unspoilt and less expensive. Lemmings come to Thailand and go to the islands or Pucket and miss out the real part of Thailand that is in between.
Jomtien is one and one half hour from the airport with a bus that leaves for the airport from right outside our house at least five times a day - the cost is just over 100 Baht, that is just over two pounds.
There is a good bus network all over the area Jomtien- Rayong-Chantanaburi- Trat. At each of these centres you are only a short ride from real unspoilt coastline and country park - look at my pictures on face-book.
We can certainly offer you accommodation for 550 Bhat a night or even cheaper if you can do without en-suite and air con. We are a family run business where everyone is welcomed, even with cooking facilities if you want to cook for yourself or need a lesson in Thai cuisine.
Take care
yeh! i can make good trip for you all in cheap price, good place and fun travel. i'm 26 years old. now i'm prepare to go to study in usa next year. so i can be your guide in cheap cost
Please provide additional information like, how many days you plan to stay in Bangkok;
What is your budget for Bangkok hotel stay as well as sightseeing or package tours, will you be sharing the room or need 3 separate rooms,
Please reply to quote you the itinerary accordingly

Stay i Bk for a few nights. Catch up with other travellers at Khao San rd. Get an overnight train to Chiang Mai. Do some trecking at Pai. Stay clear of Pattaya and Jomtien. Try Koh Samet and Koh Chang...maybe do some island hoping in the area. Koh Mak is nice. Basically stay away from tourist hotspots. Enjoy
First of all you should learn that July is in the middle of rainy season in Thailand.That means it will be raining almost everydays for a few hours. Therefore it will be easy to be "clean" ...hehehe. Apart of jokes the best you can do is going to KhaoSan Rd . There you can find plenty of places to get information about the kind of trip you want to. Enjoy life in Thailand !!
Go to this site... it will show you all activites to do within the whole of thailand. I can arrange it for you if you would like, tell me where you would like to go (Chang Mai, Bangkok, Phuket) and how much total your willing to spend and I can get it for cheaper prices since my husband and I live here. They over charge for everything with tourists.

Start in Bangkok. Few days to get used to Thailand. Sukhumvit Road or Khao San Road.
Bus or Train to Chiang Mai. See around the area there, then go back to Bangkok, on the way stop off at Ayutthaya.

Then take the bus or train to Hua Hin, spend a few days at the beach. Go down to Phuket and also see Koh Phi Phi.

Don't waste your time going to Pattaya, unless you're in to the sex tourism sort of thing.

As for hotels, there are many, just go in and ask the price and to see the room. If you're not happy, move on to another until you are.
I suggest you go to Koh Samui to the full moon party on Ko Phang Nga Island, the you can stay in Chaweng in Koh Samui. Do not go to Pattaya. Chang Mai may not be your thing. You will love Phi Phi Island but in July it may rain there but there are always so many young people there. I suggest once you arrive in Phuket you go with your gut feeling so you can stay where you want longer and leave without penalties if you do not like a place. I live in Phuket, and I am sure it will be on your list of places to go. If you need help while you are here, you can message me and I can inform you on what you should be paying for things. I have a business at Sometimes young people in groups prefer to rent from me cause it can be cheaper than hotels, my rates online are basic higher rates and i always try to give discounts. You can have a private pool and stuff, anyways, I am not writing to make money, just giving advice.
Too late to answer but hope you all enjoyed Thailand and also joined the best Bangkok experience, Colors of Bangkok.


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