hello my favorite sport is deep sea fishing, i like been whit the locals more than turists, what island should i go in tailand? thank you


Country: Thailand


Welcome to deepens on which part of Thai you will be stay.

If you would like to fishing , Have to join with long tail boat , look more local than speed boat but cannot go out far away...

If you prefer a luxurious asking speed boat cost about 20,000-30,000 per boat all day including luch box , fresh water and fishing equipment.

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If you don't like tourist place you may try to go to Ko Yao Yai, it is the big island between Phuket and Krabi, I remember few years ago was a very savage, rural island on which there was not a bank and I do not think has changed since then
Heja Carla Patricia. Well, when joining locals for deep sea fishing you could chose almost any island in Thailand. It will depend upon your approach whether you will be successful ... would it be by going out at 4or 5 am or "participating" on the expenses.
My suggestion is to go somewhere like Koh Phangan and then make inquiries locally to see if any of the local fishermen would like to take you out. These are working boats and that will be a very different experience. However, I am sure you could hire a boat especially for yourself.
u can go to koh chang it is southesat of thailand and cheaper then other islands and if u want to spend time with locals would be good choice for u.
At this time of the year (heavy summer monsoon is blowing on the west coast of the peninsula), in my opinion, Ko Tao (the northern most island of the Samui archipelago) off Chumphon is a hell of a good place for deep sea fishing.
Hi Carla
If you come to Phuket you can use tail walker fishing or any of the local fishermen using long tails. You can go to any island but during the monsoon season, the seas on the west coast of Phuket are very dangerous during this time.
Tight lines always.
Dear Carla
The southern in Thailand is the most beautiful beach.
With reference your requirement ,you should go to Samui,Kho Tao,Talutao(is the beautiful place but there used to be jail)Phuket ,Phiphi and opposite site ,is Kho Chang there are many island around there.
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