How many governorate inegypt ?What is the last city become a governorate ?


Country: Egypt


There are 27 governorate in Egypt. The last city become a governorate is Hewan.
the last one's are
and 6 october city
There are 29 governorates in Egypt. Two new governorates were created in April 2008, Helwan and 6th of October. Luxor was created in December 2009, to be the 29th governorate of Egypt.

Read the details of the 2008 re-organisation at

Some governorates have several districts.

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They are 29 governorates, and the last one declared was Luxor
29 the last two are 6 October & Helwan.
Egypt has 29 governorate and the last one in Luxor which includes Arment and Esna
27 and the last to was 6 octoper and helwan

Egypt is 29 provinces , the last one was Luxor (7 Dec. 2009)
The number of governorates ia 29 and the last one is Luxor.
29 Govornorate in Egypt, Last one Luxor
There are 29 governorate in Egypt.The last created one is Luxor

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