are there beaches close by


City: Florence

Region: Tuscany

Country: Italy


No, the nearest beach - Cecina - is at about 110,00 KM
Yes they are .
The nearest one is SAVONA ( that is a town on the North West part of Italy )
The distance from Torino to Savona or others little beach towns near Savona ( few km maximum 10 , 15 , 20 km ) is 140 Km ( There is a straight Motorway Torino-Savona called Autostrada A6 , the time to get there is about 1 hour and 30 minutes by car and the costs go and back are 23 Euro the cost/motorway + gas , or by train and the costs are go and back maximum 30 Euros / per person and the time to get there is maximum 1 hour and 15 minutes directly near the beach ( train station From Savona or Spotorno a little beach town near Savona si about 1 km or 2 km )

Another Beach Town from Italy ( North West ) is Sanremo ( beautiful town )
Another Beach Town from France ( South East ) is Nice ( very beautiful Town ) the distance from Torino to Nice is aprox. 270 Km .

I suggest you go on Type in : Torino , Italy . Zoom in and watch from Torino in the direction South West ( or 6 oclock , 7 oclock ) :)

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George Sandu ( Tourism Guide Italy , Discover Torino , Discover italy )
Hey, The nearest beach is probably Livorno even though you have to take a bus to the beach once you arrive at the train station. Train from Florence to Livorno is 1 hour and a half. The other beaches that are beautiful you would need a car to get to. Grosseto has many gorgeous beaches. It will take you around 3 hours to get there by car. Very spacious and full of nature. I would recommend Grosseto, hands down.

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Nile Guide Local Expert of Florence
no, just a small river, public swimming pool, but the most of farm holidays, like my one, have a private pool for guests only
2 hours drive only

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