Do you have any suggestions where a family can stay in Virigina Beach? Im looking for an affordable and decent place to stay in.


Country: United States


Hi James,

Try . It stands for Vaction Rental By Owner. The site is a great resource for a wide variety of housing options. The nice thing about renting a condo or home versus staying at a resort is that you can get groceries and cook your own meals, which is much less expensive than eating out.

Good Luck!

Look up the "Delmarva Peinsula." It stands for the outer banks of Delaware, Maryland, and Virginia. The Chesapeak Bay Tunnel Bridge is one of the "Wonders of the World."
Dear Traveler:
I have only driven through the Virginia Beach-Hampton Roads Area. What I would suggest is going to and seeing what kind of Temporary Sublet/Vacation Rental you could find. Lots of people in that area have places to rent by the month that are cheaper than hotel housing.

Happy Travels!!!!!

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