Interested in tours conducted to Octolovo Market.

I want to visit the Octolovo Market, Equador. Would prefer going as part of a group in a tour where I can get a translator/mediator. Do hotels in Equador offer such tours? I'm planing to book Four points Sheraton.


Country: Ecuador


Yes, the hotel can recommend you a shared tour to Otavalo.
Otavalo market is the most famous indigenous market in Ecuador. Yes there are agencies offering tours with guides specially in english. You can find the information in the hotel.

I will recommend you to book thrue the Tour Operator Gray Line wich on tuesday and saterday have a Seat in Bus tour for $49 or with lunch for $65! this is what I will recommend you most because they eat in great restaurants.
They will pick you up at your hotel before driving north with other persons. I know they make also stops on the way to see San Pablo Lake, Cotacachi leather village, Peguche Village, ....
They have a $189 price for single room in Sheraton and dbl for $111 per person included breakfast! If this is cheaper than what you have let me know!

if I can help you with some more questions or book this for you tell me please!
I think you mean "Otavalo " market. WEll yes, Otavalo is a very nice city, where you can find handicrafts and stay in touch with one of the most important indigenous group of Ecuador. In Quito you can find travel agencies to help you
I´m sure the hotel can book or look for a tour operator to guide you to Otavalo.
Nice spot too.

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