Question for folks who have moved from US to UK?

Advice? Things you wished you had known that would make transition easier


Country: United Kingdom


Well my dear, how much time have you got?
From a superficial point of view 1) Mix with the locals to learn the custom of the country 2) Don't wear a baseball cap too often and certainly NOT w a suit! Not trainers [e g sneakers to you] either; they go with jeans but NOT with a suit or proper trousers 3) Try and speak a little quietly on the u/G - we don't all want to hear your conversation...These points are of course based on stereotypes and most US citizens are of course not stereotypes. I am sure you will adapt quickly as long as you keep an open mind and.....! Best wishes,
Don't be apologetic about being from America. It'll just make you feel awkward, when really you have nothing to apologize for (at least since Obama became president, in the eyes of the Brits). Line up a job ahead of time and visit to start searching for housing already.

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