what is the top restaurant to eat at?


City: New York

State: New York

Country: United States


Le Bernadin but that will set you back >$200pp

Depends what you want to eat. Keens () has killer steaks and other meat
Daniel or Marea
Depending on your budget & palate,there's quite a few Michelin star restaurants to choose from.When U're an out-of-towner, best to consult the hotel conceige for 1 that's well recommended & in a good neighbourhood. When I was last there,staying in HolidayInn,Newark;we needed to drive quite a way to a good top restaurant. ;-}
Cheers to HAPPi appetities 8-)
8-) will surely give U a great range of choices .
HAPPi dining ;-}
;-} My favorite:-
Aureole -- American (New) Restaurant

1 Bryant Park, New York, NY, 10021 .

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Blackbeards , in New Smyrna Beach FL.
I like veggie grill best because I am a vegetarian and have fooled meat eaters. Chiptole has great food and prices for all and they donate a lot of their foods and proceeds to the local animal shelter, hungry neighboerhood workers and more but my fav place to eat is terra nova church on sat and occassional sun. They feed the soul and the tummy and its often a lot for free or $3. You can also network while eating, I got a lot of clients that way and musical theatre galas esp during bible shows or thanksgiving christmas time is amazing. I guarantee a tummy ache cause you wont be able to choose and it doesnt cost extra to eat a lil of everything and your version and your bodys version of a lil are different,but its totally worth the pain you get the next few days.
Steak - Peter Luger's in Brooklyn, but be warned they only take cash and you need to make reservations weeks before you go.
Sushi - Frenasia, Crossbay Blvd, Howard Beach, NY, not very expensive, and an excellent outside eating area on the water
Jean Georges - for a less expensive way to try this fantastic restaurant, go for the two-course prix fixe lunch for around $30.

Gramercy Tavern is always a favorite, and for recently opened restaurants, I love Locanda Verde in Tribeca.
Le Bernadin - consistently among the top Zagat-rated restaurants in NYC and in the world.

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