Planning a 6 day vacation in Chile,what is there to see and do?

My wife and I are going to Chile in Sep for 6 days. Both of know Spanish and we wish to see all the important places in Chile and get to know the locals there. Which cities should we visit,where should we stay? Where can we get best local food? How should we travel?


Country: Chile


Speak the lenguaje is a big plus.
The best way to travel in Chile is by bus, are very safe, punctual, confortable and they go to all parts of the country.
I recommend:
Valparaiso (Patrimony of the Humanity)
San Pedro de Atacama (North of Chile)
Chiloe Island (South of Chile)
Pucon, Villarica.
Torres del Paine.
South of Chile is amazing place to visit.
I suggest you visiting this websites:

If you need some more advise or information please feel free to contact me.
Best regards.
Hello, in santiago you can visit "el Cajon del maipo" is a very wonderful place.
Check this out

and other places in the capital like Cerro San Cristobal

and Viña del mar And Valparaiso.
you can rent a car and travel to Vina del Mar, the distance is 100 km from the capital.
That's Great if you can speak in spanish !!! Anyway in this country the peoples we're so friendly! If you want to go to Chile, there are many interesting places to visit. Our capital Santiago, is cosmopolitan, with museums and places full of cultural attractions. In addition we have beautiful places to visit in the Andes Mountains, the ski resorts as Valle Nevado, thinking of coming in September.
Viña del Mar, is a wonderful city, full of lights and night life, very similar to Miami, but smaller.
If you want to go south, the most beautiful and with very good roads are from regions south of La Araucanía. There are many things to do in southern Chile ... and almost every sport you can do here!
The north is also wonderful !!!!.... Many tourists go to the Tarapacá region, also the Elqui Valley, the Atacama Desert
Without our wine-producing regions!
Our country is safe, cheap, friendly people and generally cultivated.
The most effective way to travel in Chile, is renting a car or taking a bus!
Good luck, and if you need anything else, take out my mail! and write me !!!
It's will be a pleasure, to help you for free !!!
Cecilia Bustamante G.
Hi,there are so many different places (all that has been said in the previous posts), maybe with more info about your preferences and budget the answer is to be more specific.In my opinion the Patagonia is a "must go" ,however it's far away from Santiago.There are other locations closer good to be experienced as well.
If time is a matter , may be the airplane is more practical than the bus , and the price difference is not a big deal.
Let me know if I can help in anything.
Well, your first step should be to visit the national office of tourism ( you will find a giant map of Chile, stating all the places with craft and cultural tradition.
Chileans are friendly but shy, most of us do not understand the English language, so it is necessary that you speak a little Spanish.
if you want to know the culture of our country visit: "The Cultural Center Palacio La Moneda"(is in the basement of the government palace) y "The Pre-Columbian Art Museum"(is very comprehensive, with excellent books and souvenirs boutique), "The Colchagua Museum"(
in the beautiful valley of Colchagua, one of the most interesting of america)
You won´t be here very long so, Santiago´s museums are a must, for example our new fashion museum (museo de la moda), Santiago downtown has got amazing old buildings, there are loads of parks, you should reach the top of San Cristobal hill (cerro San Cristobal) because the view is incredible, lots of places where to buy souveniers, malls and as I said museums (in downtown you´ll find most of them. Take a couch or rent a car and drive to Valparaiso, amazing beautiful harbor full of astonishing old buildings, museums, art everywhere.Northen Valparaiso you´ll see Viña del Mar, another beautiful city with exelent Hotels and places to visit.welcome to Chile.
as Chile is a very long and beautiful country, it is impossible to visit too much in 6 days. Santiago, Viña del Mar/Valparaiso (beach but very cold water) (1.30 min from Santiago), maybe a trip to do some Skying (1.30 min from Santiago), visit the Andes mountains (Cajon del Maipo) and a wineyard. These places are near to Santiago. If you want to see the desert, a trip to San Pedro means at least 4 days. At the south are beautiful lakes. Other places are too far from Santiago. Consider that in Sept the winter is ending. Do you have any preferences like being independent or preorganized trips? It is very good that you speak spanisch it will help you a lot. Everywhere there are hotels and hostals and september is low season (18, 19 sept are national hollydays). I hope this helps you to decide.
september is one of the best dates to travel here. the weather is friendly and we celebrate our independence day!
that's on sept 18th, every city has its own "ramada" that's a place with many stands to eat, drink and dance, you can find lots of traditional games and fun. at least in my town they are all decorated with palm leaves. they are a must, because in one place you will find traditional food, drinks, music, etc. make sure to go there early though, later at night it may get a bit dangerous due to drunk people.

on sept 19 it the army day, in Santiago a huge parade is celebrated. the army shows off its tanks, guns, etc etc.

six days is a very short time, so I suggest to get to Santiago by plane and stay in the nearby area, I guess you would prefer spend ur time getting to know the place instead of inside a bus for several hours.

Downtown Santiago has very beautiful neighborhoods. for really cheap clothing there is "Patronato", and next to it, we have "Bellavista", loaded with fine cuisine restaurants, pubs, and discos.

near to Santiago there is Valparaíso (about 1hr) very bautiful. it's the biggest port in the country and has many universities, so it is known to have a wide night life. you can get there a peak of traditional Chile.

right next to valparaiso there is Viña del Mar, a new city (it has a bit more than 100years)it is very safe and organized, but more expensive, somewhat "upperclassy"

if I can help you in anything I'd be glad to.

enjoy ur trip

Hi there!
You chose the best place to visit... Chile has beatiful places to go, but it depends on what you want to do here.
If you enjey nature you should visit the south of Chile. There are many interesting places to go and visit. You definitely will enjoy that experience. I recomend you to visit from Puerto Montt because there are many places near there, for example, Frutillar, Chiloé Island, Puerto Varas, Valdivia, Pucón, Villarrica, Temuco... and if you can and have the time go to Punta Arenas... you can find the Carretera Austral and Torres del Paine.
September is a good time to visit Chile because spring starts on 21st.
Have a good time and good luck!
Considering the little time you will be in Chile, I would say Santiago and Valparaiso are musts. But there is also an area located very near to Santiago that nobody has mentioned yet. It it Colchagua, the Valley were the best wine in Chile is made. There you'll be able to know the more traditional Chile, were the "Huaso" (that is the typical inhabitant of chile's countryside) culture is. And the best thing is that this is a beautiful trip that you can do, if staying in Santiago, in only one or two days.
So Many Places... If you want a cold place you can go 4 days to South. The name of the city is Pucon. You can Climb the volcano,(active one) you can enjoy hotsrings netx to the river with volcano view. Also enjoy treaking, river, canopy... etc...
is really nice... good food, you have casino...
If you Stay in Santiago... you can go for one day to Valparaiso and Viña...
if You prefer hot weather, go to San Pedro de Atacama!
Kind Regards...
enjoy it!
hello friends!! well, in 6 days you will have to decide what to see because it is too little time to travel. I recommend, since in that date will be the National Week here (from 16-19) you come to Santiago, go to Parque Inés de Suarez and enjoy dancing Cueca (our National dance) and have some tipical food. Also, close to Santiago, there are many towns where a lot will be going on. Also you can spend 2 or 3 days in Valparaiso and Viña del Mar..It is very safe going anywhere by bus or in subway here in Santiago. Just plan your trip and see what you can do.
My list is:

1.- Chiloé, Dalcahue, Chonchi
2.- La Serena y el Valle del Elqui
3.- Valparaíso, Viña del Mar, Isla Negra
4.- Octava Región del Bío Bío (Lago Lanalhue, Salto del Laja, Laguna del Laja, Termas de Chillán, etc.)
5.- Santiago
Hello there
-Surely will be an outstanding trip, and a good experience
i absolutely recommend the following schedule:
-Day One in Santiago: Concha y Toro Winery in the morning and City Tour in the afternoon.
-Day Two: Valparaiso and Viña del Mar.
-Day Three: Ski day in Snowy Valley.
-Day Four: Termal Baths along with trekking and dinner and show at the night.
-Day Five: Pichilemu beach.
-Day Six: Shopping and handcraft...
-We are available to take you to those places and make you have not days in Chile but Experiences in Chile, easier, faster, more comfortable. Cheers!!!!!!
If you want to fly paraglider in Chile, come to visit us:

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Arturo Vergara.
Depend on the area you want to know, whether the north or south. But I know both. And know very beautiful and interesting places.
if you want to visit a place were you can rest and meet a lot of very interesting people, you should definitely visit la serena and the IV region of coquimbo in general. these cities are great for tourist very quiet and have very interesting places to visit like the elqui valley and live the whole Chilean experience in one place.
6 days its not enough to travel in chile. people with little time usually goes to santiago (capital) and viña del mar (wich is about 2 hours of stgo and its in the coast, i recomend you that) viña and the next city valparaiso are very touristic so i dont think you`ll have problems with the languaje.
also, september its a great moment to come because in sept 18th its the independence of chile, so there is tipical partyes and food and its really great. trust me, you`ll have a great time.

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