Wich is the place to stay at Tioman Island? Is it possible to visit there just for a weekend?


Country: Singapore


There are several places to stay in Tioman island.

Paya Beach
Berjaya Beach Resort
Salang beach
You can also do a google search on Tioman island resorts
hi it is possible.. im not sure which is the nice place but i think u can get a package rate.. try to browse the net. my friend says its nice to stay there.
I've never been there, so I Googled it & this is what I found: . Hope it helps!
I'd recommend Lanting for it's privacy ,despite good facilities.
But the Langkawi Group & Genting Group of hotels offers very attractive tour/stay/fish & dive packages too.
For details :-

HAPPi tour !!! 8-)

ps.Singapore will have many tour agencies that sells bus tours packages too ;-} .
Tioman is just great for a weekend. Some places you can try: Salang, Tekek, Genting, Juara, Nipa. Each has its pros and cons.

We go to Tioman quite a lot. In fact, we're going this weekend :)

By all means let me know if you're looking for something more specific.

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